Southern Pacific Daylight Collection


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1940s- 1950s

Locations: Coast Line, LA. Phoenix…

Length: 80 minutes

The classic Daylight steam locomotive, is featured in a stunning collection. Pentrex has assembled an all color show of vintage films. Covering a wide range of territory.

California has the greatest coverage. As it should be. The Coast Line, Beaumont Hill and Soledad Canyon. Phoenix, Arizona to El Paso, Texas. The Great Salt Lake in Utah. Some post Daylight era service.

An add-on short. Daylighting the Padre Trail. This, a 1930s black and white film. It may or may not, Crank your tractor!


Of course, Pentrex has their ‘A’ game on, production wise. Top shelf, all departments. That’s how they would put these programs together.

A Chapter Menu is included. Narration is optional. Hi-Fi sound.

To the land and heyday, of the Southern Pacific GS-4…


I found the old, black and white film unnecessary. Dated and an odd decision. Less is more.


A premier collection of all color, vintage films. Impeccable presentation by Pentrex.


There are many fantastic scenes along California’s coastline.


Mission Tower, back in those days.


Phoenix was a much smaller city. A GS-3 slows to a stop.


A  winner in The Rose Bowl Parade, circa 1940. The running gear operates. Fabulous!


Helpers could be either: steam or diesel.


This double header, was filmed at Soledad Canyon.


A GS-4 nears LAUPT.


Black scheme GS-4 class, were often found on Mail Trains.


More action around Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal. Check those autos!


What would we give to see this now?


On a backing move, the future is seen.


The pacing sequences are nicely done.


This beats any Amtrak train. Any day.


GS locomotives look good, in any paint, any weather.


San Joaquin Daylight gets featured late.


Eventually, economics win. The diesel will rule. Even this scene shall be missed.


Those Daylight trains were special.

Southern Pacific Daylight Collection.

An outstanding collection of all color, vintage films! While some of this has been used elsewhere. It is better to have it all in this single program.

The action is non stop. An intriguing visit into the steam era. Excellent, for all audience viewers.

The only odd concern, is the tacked on 1930s film at the end. Totally unneeded. Dumb.

Just stop at the end of the Pentrex show.

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars



Street Running


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1990- 2000s

Locations: 22 USA

Length: 1 hour 44 minutes

Street running, is a highlight on most any train program. The image is a powerful one. Class ones to shortlines. Pentrex has this compilation, from nearly two dozen USA locations.

A detailed Chapter Menu provides easy access to the choice spots. Bonus Material consists of Pentrex previews. Audio has the selection of either: On/ Off. That is for narration.


David Drui is our familiar narrator. Smooth as glass. Tight script. All production aspects, are the usual high quality of Pentrex.


Of note, several locations were filmed without a train. Would have liked to have seen Fort Collins, Colorado. However, they do mention a few misses at the end, including that one.

So, it  is good that Pentrex went to their vaults. Created added interest to this program. Smart move. There is plenty to see.


Everything is separated. Billboarded, if watching it through. Available by chapter, as well. This show is jam packed!


Time to hit some highlights. Checkout some of the many viewpoints on tap. Let’s see what’s going on, in the streets…


LaGrange, Kentucky. CSX line. There is frequently, a train per hour here.


Augusta, Georgia. Norfolk Southern 9003. Trains through historical district.


Erie, PA. Canadian Pacific. Unique nowadays,  are the Crossing guard shanties.


Oakland California. Rare, double-track street. Amtrak, is an Amtrak West  operation. According to Pentrex. Freight action is also shown at ground level.


Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad. York, Pennsylvania. Blink twice and you will miss, this former Santa Fe CF7 rebuild unit.


New Albany, Indiana. Canadian Pacific AC4400. This freight on CSX, is using authority from former Soo Line. This is old Monon, to Louisville route trackage. Action!


Albany, Georgia. Norfolk Southern 3177, on ex: Central of Georgia trackage. Long hood forward built locomotive.

Columbus, GA. Another no trains.

Frederick, Maryland. Track is disconnected. They probably had to account for the trip expenses. Hence, all the zero sum screenshots. Do notice how smoothly they integrate these shots. Marietta, Ohio is the best one!


Watsonville, California. Observe how tight street operation can be for a train. A quartet of GP40s, haul a long consist.


Santa Cruz SP 7138. Palm trees, beaches and the Pacific Ocean! What could be better?…  Retirement! 


Brooklyn. New York Cross Harbor Railroad. Alco S2 power. The busy switch crew is followed by the Pentrex camera. Bush Terminal vicinity. Succinct and satisifying.

Utica, NY. none. Hudson, NY. No trains.


Chicago, Ill.  Goose Island. Soo Line, circa 1990. Check the ex: Milwaukee Road switcher, in a ‘bandit’ paint job. Have seen this footage before. So what! This fine segment fits perfectly. Tells the story. Just like, so many Charles Smiley Presents. A smart recycle. No worries!

vlcsnap-2019-04-01-10h27m32s305In the almost, but no cigar category. Amtrak Auto Train on ex: RF&P  at Ashland, Virginia. This on ballasted track, center of street. 


San Antonio, Texas. Pearl Brewing. An electric motor connects, with Union Pacific. Texas Transportation Company.


Chicago South Shore and South Bend. Action in Michigan City, Indiana. Electric interurban, which were born in the streets. Think about it. They should have filmed a South Shore freight train.


Middleton, Pennsylvania. One of the last two Alco locomotives built. T6 diesel.


Stockton, CA. Central California Traction. Not all operations filmed are daylight ones. Note the safety flare.


St Mary’s, West Virginia. A CSX coal train, rolls by a Food Giant. Town population 2200. Took some dedication for the guys to get a daytime train.


West Brownsville PA. is very busy for Norfolk Southern on a ex: Conrail line. Yes, this busy stretch has NS coal moves. Monongahela from the archives is better!

vlcsnap-2019-04-01-11h12m30s770Elizabeth, PA. Watch these new Electromotive built locomotives. These are former P&LE tracks. SD70MAC engines.


Modesto, CA. Railfans choice. Former Tidewater Southern. Western Pacific. Old Mill Cafe. Ninth Street. All important to knowledgeable fans.

It is under the umbrella of Union Pacific now. The GP40 leads and obeys traffic lights. I enjoy the ,”Conductor lends a pair of eyes” about watching traffic. Look at it!


Look at the butthead following so close! No brake lights on the coal train. Not much brain power in the car. Think about it…

Street Running

An enjoyable show. Videography is top shelf. Excellent narrative. Fine sounding audio. The brevity of each chapter, keeps the pace moving quickly. Good rerun value.

Speaking to the Pentrex comment about living next to Railroad tracks. Ever live it? Noisy, vibrates your home, and dust from those passing trains. Airhorns that blow, 24/ 7. Louder in winter too! Novelty wears off.

This program is great for everyone to see. Interesting to watch these trains. A good time for: Railfans Model Railroaders, and the whole family.

Rating: 5 Stars

SP’s Central California Mainline


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1994-1996

Locations: San Joaquin sub

Length: 73 minutes

Pentrex was busy filming, Central California back in the mid 1990’s. The Southern Pacific is the railroad, featured in this show. The San Joaquin subdivision to be specific.

The line is compass, North – South. Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. The agricultural belt is what this territory is made of.


Bakersfield Yard is the beginning of this show.


Pentrex has maps which are important.

Full narration by David Drui.


Plenty of intermodal traffic. Much more variety overall.


A highway is conducive to fine pacing with some tunnel motors.


A San Joaquin Valley shortline is encountered.


SP Golden Pig Service Trailers are seemingly everywhere.


San Joaquin River bridge is a graceful one.


SP designations as East – West and how a wye turnout plays into this time table directional designation. Pentrex explains it well.


SP trains rollby vineyards, and farms.


Foster Farms has it’s own, Alco S6. It is an ex SP unit.


This freight travels over a dry riverbed.


Unit coal looks slightly out of place.


Modesto station no longer serves rail passengers.


A GP9 set from 1994.


Stockton tower has a Santa Fe here.


Hot SP intermodal with 4 SD locomotives on point at Stockton.


Union Pacific stack, run by a Chicago North Western C-44W pair.

Lodi, the Zinfandel capitol of the world.


Elvas tower is at a wye. Splits the lines in opposite directions.


American River bridge at Sacramento. Note the high water marks in the spring of 1995.


Roseville yard with SD7s, still in service.


Oddball award of the show. The only caboose to see is a Burlington Northern!

SP’s Central California Mainline

A fast paced trip through Central California. Mainline freight trains that hardly pause for slower movements. There are just enough locals for variety. Agricultural history and scenery are intertwined to tell some thingsthings this region. Locomotives, both old and new, power the various trains.

An interesting show.

Rating: 5 Stars



Southern Pacific Cab Forward Collection


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1927-1956


Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

A comprehensive program on SP cab forward locomotives. Developed and operated by Southern Pacific. Sizeable fleet of 250 engines over the years.

Pentrex takes all available sources. Official vintage Southern Pacific films. Previous Pentrex releases. Stan Kistler’s photo collection. Extensive various films. Black and White. Plenty of color. Some are 16mm.

Dr. Bob Church is a noted historian and author. He offers information, on the background of the AC and SP development.



Pentrex always has professional quality in every aspect of production. This show is supported by additional historical, still photos.


Narrated with a detailed script.


Stereo sound with unique AC sounds.


Multiple maps are used to define territories. On- screen graphics with various information, further augment the show.


The Overland Route. Uses official SP

movie excerpts in this chapter.


Tehachapi Loop. Extensive look consisting of both; official and railfan films. Color plus black and white, that cover years of AC power.


Bankers Special 1954. Double header with a GS-4.


Stan’s best known photo. A first hand ‘cloud of steam’ accounting, from the shot at Colton.


A freight at Glendale Tower.


Model Railroaders will benefit from many scenes, including freight car consists.


Pentrex left no stone unturned. They found a cool old film,with needed AC4 and AC5, steamers in service. A little film within the film. Supposed to have been shot over a period of years. A must see.


This show is packed with AC locomotives at work! They were versatile engines.


Even used as mid-train helpers on mountain grades.


Bay area has a chapter.


Shasta Route offers very scenic areas.


Modoc Line in 1955 to 1956. This was the last place to see the AC class engines in service.


Last run of a cab forward in 1957. AC11 4274.


Bonus material. Talking heads. Stan Kistler reminiscing on a variety of AC topics.

4294 preservation. Watch this get put into the museum!



Southern Pacific Cab Forward Collection.

Pentrex has painstakingly created the definitive AC locomotive program. They have the complete history. Cover all the classes. The entire SP fleet of 255 steam engines. A fantastic steam show!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Joint Line


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1990s

Locations: CO.

Length: 85 minutes

A mutually operated Colorado line. Highlights include: Denver, Castle Rock, Palmer Lake and Pueblo. Filmed over a 4 year period. The mid 90’s.

This show has four main railroads. Burlington Northern, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and Rio Grande.

The expected Pentrex standard of excellence is here. Everything is proper and as it should be. Early map reference outlines what constitutes The Joint Line. A detailed Chapter Menu. Preview section.

Balanced and intelligent narration. It backs off, to let the viewer observe and listen to some trains. Nicely done.


Burlington Northern is the dominant player here. Mainly due to extensive coal trains. Cascade Green fans will be very pleased.


Santa Fe has plenty on tap. Fresh red and silver warbonnets abound! Blue and yellow scheme, too.


Southern Pacific was releasing speed lettered repaints, on fresh rebuilds. Plus, a smattering of Cotton Belt units.


Denver and Rio Grande Western. Now, that’s a different picture. Grimy for the most part. Road numbers are often tough to read.


A colorful assortment of run through power. Conrail, Kansas City Southern, LMX, Norfolk Southern, Soo Line, Union Pacific and more!


Let’s look at some Kansas City Southern. A white ghost is buried in the consist.

Pentrex delves into the long history of The Joint Line. Effective usage of old photos. They certainly go the extra mile.


Colorado has varied scenery. This line begins with the small cityscape, of South Denver.


Obligatory Amtrak image. Here you go.


Onward, we take a long look around The Joint. Arid high country.


Pretty lakeside vista at Palmer Lake.


What a gorgeous town to watch trains.


Surprise snowstorm encountered due to elevation.


Coal is always a big commodity. More BN.


Handy lesson on Pusher/ Helper service!


An old Santa Fe bridge gets busy.


Santa Fe ran a hot intermodal Quality train.


Burlington Northern was highlighted with their new SD70MAC locomotives.


Southern Pacific is shown with an old GP9. Check that Kodachrome paint!


BN was still using a contraption called a caboose!

The Joint Line.

An exceptional visit to this scenic Colorado rail line. Nice additions, with history and a few older train moves. Expert cinematography and production.

Four classic railroads. A great area with scenery and history. This one is a no brainer.

Rating: 5 Stars