Kansas City Southern

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Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1990

Locations: system

Length: 1 hour 20 minutes

Early 1990 visit to the Kansas City Southern. Pentrex will cover the entire KCS. Long program, that is jam packed with trains, and locations. Hit some highlights…

High quality is a Pentrex Hallmark. All the production elements are professional. Keep in mind, this was an earlier production. 

Pentrex does process their old shows for DVD. A detailed Chapter Menu is included.


Knoche yard is in Kansas City. This begins a tour of the Railroad. Although, not the start of this review. The yard scenes look similar.

This program has a fine narrative. It is an older release. On screen graphics with many locations. Moves around and there is much territory to see.


At this time, the white paint scheme is dominant. A front end comparison. Seems to me, the new gray was somewhat better.

The older white ‘ghost scheme’. That always struck me like an economy version, of Soo Line.


There is no shortage of newer paint in 1990. Surprised to see it on an F unit slug!



Pittsburgh with an old crane and a connecting shortline.


Lanagan, MO. has a new gray pair leading.


Flint Creek power plant is a vital coal user. Coal business saved this railroad. Learned a few things while watching this show.


There are few branchlines on KCS. 785 leads. Here, a Wednesday only run, on once a week service.


SD40X is 701 at Heavener engine facility. Only four were built.


Oauchita Mountains.

A train is chased across the mountain grades.  At Hatfield, AK. Train 2 heads back.


Here is one, that you do not see everyday. Despite the headlight. They say the hi-rail is following this train. A helper set in the mountains. I thought they might be hauling the Pentrex camera crew!


Ridge Mountain meet with train 9. Number nine is a hotshot for KCS.


Texas,Oklahoma & Eastern, is a major interchange partner.


Shreveport, Louisiana. Brief section of street running.

vlcsnap-2019-03-12-11h29m57s306Kiamichi Railroad is another new shortline.


Superdog moves over a Louisiana bayou. 


Train 54 with an F, in the lash-up. This train going to the Santa Fe at Dallas, Texas.


Burlington Northern provides run through power.


New Orleans area has an extended visit.


Generally, a railfan wants to know a few things about an older KCS show. Does it contain: F units, GP30s and a few cabooses?This one checks all the boxes.


We wind up in Jefferson City, Texas. KCS always seems to be crossing one thing or another.


What is it about viewing a train on a trestle?

Kansas City Southern.

Pentrex has an excellent show. A comprehensive tour of the system. Good variety of motive power. Plenty of rail action. A fine snapshot of this railroad circa 1990.

Rating: 5 Stars