Santa Fe 1990’s Memories


Producer: Mary McPherson

Timeframe: 1992- 95

Locations: Edelstein, Fort Madison, more

Length: 1 hour 22 minutes

Source: George Redmond

This Heritage Series features Santa Fe. This 1990’s show, begins before the BNSF merger. Mostly is Edelstein, Illinois and Fort Madison, Iowa. Some other spots are included.

A Chapter Menu is included. Some on-screen graphics. No maps. Preview section.

vlcsnap-2020-02-11-09h33m14s654George Redmond video. He is a good Videographer. Colors are good on this show. Natural audio. Mary McPherson narrates it well. Everything is balanced. A GE B40-8 leads the above freight train.

vlcsnap-2020-02-11-09h19m37s086Much action on the mainline at Edelstein. This video from 1992.


Largely, intermodal traffic. No caboose on any train. Some general freight traffic.


Jump forward to 1995. Bucklin, Missouri. The fast freights blow by the camera, at this location.


Fort Madison is a crew change point. Much better to see the trains, up close.


Night trains here.


Excellent for tight views. Yes, I chose this one. Both Santa Fe schemes, plus an Intermodal. Sums up most of this show!


A GP20 is one of several, that are easily spotted in this program.


Bucklin again. In a rainstorm. Amtrak Southwest Chief.


Fort Madison again. This is a hotspot. 215 is a new SD75M. Isn’t the night work fine?


TP&W rolls past with a trio of GP20. Obviously, ex: Santa Fe units.


Back to 1992. Edelstein again. Odd order of events.


Santa Fe 1990’s Memories. Delivers on the advertised. It pretty much hit exactly what I expected. Defective of the extensive intermodal traffic on the transcon mainline.


While not a peak interest period for myself. This show is well produced. The power at the time is interesting. Plentiful, are the Blue and Yellow Warbonnets. Older second generation Electromotive units appear frequently. Adding interest, are the newer Red and Silver Warbonnets that are coming online at this time.

All in all, a still  good if not an outstanding era, to railfan the Santa Fe. This Heritage Series captures that well. Solid, if not the most classic Santa Fe.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars






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