CSX 2 Chattanooga to Nashville


Producer: Green Frog

Timeframe: early 1990s

Locations: Chattanooga, Cowan, Stephenson, Nashville, more

Length: 1 hour

Sources: Rob McCormack, Charlie Brown

Green Frog ups their game in CSX 2. Scenic Tennessee and Alabama territories. They include a mountain grade, Cab Ride. Visit a hump yard. See some sights, along the former L&N route.


Chattanooga, Tennessee. That railroad bridge that crosses the interstate.


Usual Green Frog DVD-R.C Chapter Search. This one has a glance, at a map. No on-screen graphics. Although, the narrative has everything covered.


Videography is ace. Camera angles are varied. Imagery is clear, even on the modern, big screen.


Audio is enviornmental. Levels are well balanced. Professional production, as one would expect from the Frog


As with the other volumes, that I have seen. Some highlight locations are key. Cumberland Mountain is the major point, in this show. Radner Yard in Nashville, is another.vlcsnap-2019-11-06-11h17m05s455

Two bridges in Alabama, appear early in the route to Nashville. Both, CSX plus Norfolk Southern cross on these.


By coincidence, a Norfolk Southern crossed the other bridge. Union Pacific in the lash-up of these mid-train helpers.


Creative viewpoints are becoming a Hallmark of the CSX series. This one, from inside a diminutive steam engine display.


Predecessor paint is within. Here is one, in Baltimore and Ohio blue.


Checkout another. Seaboard System here. Note those curves on the train.


At Cowan. The start of the run over Cumberland Mountain begins. Twisting and turning tracks are as challenging, as any mountain grade crossings.


Even on a television screen. This trackage looks intimidating. Blind curves, sheet rock walls and twisting tracks.


The original tunnel is 150 years old. Yes, we get it both ways!


 three ways. The Cab Ride is out and back.


The Radner Yard at Nashville is huge.


Views from both the towers. These SD40-2 units assemble their trains.


A second viewpoint. The SW1500 goes to retrieve more cars. The ex: Seaboard Coast Line… a little bonus!


No caboose to close. This auto rack is not tipping over. Rather, travelling on a super-elevated curve. Looks awesome.

CSX 2 Chattanooga to Nashville. Green Frog, has improved upon the first volume. A good tour of the advertised route.  This one has included, that mountain Cab Ride! A winner!

Rating: 5 Stars


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