Rails Buffalo


Producer: Green Frog

Timeframe: 1991

Locations: Buffalo Jct., Frontier Yard, SK Yard, Depew, Silver Creek

Length: 59 minutes

Source: Robert McCormack

A fast paced look at the Buffalo, New York vicinity in 1991. Much more than Conrail. A vast network of trackage provides a plethora of Railfanning.

An older release, that was on VHS. This one is on DVD-R format now. A Chapter Search. Dolby Audio. On-screen graphics.


Narration by William Rodriguez. Audio has natural train sounds. Bumpers with music.


The Buffalo area tour is geographic. The script declares the locations. At times, on-screen graphics with train designations and/or location. Color balance range is, fair to excellent.

Audio soundtrack for trains, sounds live. Good balance. Narrative talks over many runbys.


Conrail is the star of the show. Trailvan and double-stack moves reflect the predominate intermodal traffic here. Unit coal also is present. Mixed, Manifest freight trains.


Third generation power is the latest. Hauling an APL double stack. American President Lines.


Interesting at the time. First generation locomotives, albeit rebuilt. These were still in service, as this GP10.


Switching and transfer runs, are seen.


Conrail in Buffalo is extremely busy. Loads of train meets. This shot, is a yard scene.


Norfolk Southern has their exclusive Road Railer trains here.


A parade of freights on the mainlines.


Plenty of various railroads are around. Pittsburgh and Lake Erie, is one.


CP Rail has these colorful, GP9 modifieds.


South Buffalo Railroad operates some old, Alco S2 switchers.


Susquehanna hauls out of here, as well.


Several Amtrak trains. Maple Leaf in this scene.


The CP Drawbridge is a hotspot.


Looks like rush hour. Conrail Quality!


Buffalo and Pittsburgh, passes through.


As does a Chessie System, with a CSX unit.


Make no mistake. It is mainly a Conrail show. Trailvans galore!


Norfolk and Western has the clearest caboose views. Yes, there are some Conrail ones.

Also available in : Trains Around New York and New Jersey – Collection

Rails Buffalo is a solid effort by Green Frog. The train action is non-stop! Viewers will wonder where the time passed, so quickly.

Rating: 4 Stars


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