Into the Allegheny Range Volume 3


Producer: Pentrex, Iron Horse

Timeframe: 1992- 94

Locations: Cumberland to Grafton, WV.

Length: 3 hours 30 minutes

Sources: William Holloway, William  Price, Tom Biery, Charles Roberts

Third in the four part series. West End coverage, of the famous former Baltimore and Ohio line. Original production by Iron Horse America, in co-operation with CSX. Plentiful set that is a two DVD release.


A muti-faceted presentation. Iron Horse used vintage films and still photos to compare with current scenes. William Price was a legendary steam era Cinematographer. Some brief Price scenes, are shown of old B&O steam, at certain locations.


Multiple map types are employed to outline the presentation. Route maps, elevation and grades. It’s all here, in manageable portions. Blended with the storyline.


Bob Taylor performs an informative narrative. Covers most of everything. A nice Chapter Menu gives easy access to this large show. On-screen graphics with many additional details.


Live audio is clean and levels are balanced. Horn sounds are a must hear, when they reverberate off the mountains!


An interesting subplot. A 1992 Railfest Excursion interpolates Cab ride footage, as we travel eastbound. End to end.


Volume 3 picks up this extensive coverage with the famed Baltimore and Ohio, West End. Cumberland, Maryland is the beginning of this program. Since, that was the subject of Volume 2. The tower at the end of town is our start point.


Bond is where there was a runaway track and 2nd tower in the past. Little remains nowadays.


Conrail moves unit coal via trackage rights. This bridge has an original portion from 1851.


Hitchcock Tunnel is a short one.


Altamont is the Allegheny Summit on this former B&O line. Some good trainwatching is spent here.


Great spot to interject some vintage Price film!


Keep your eyes peeled. An assortment of pre-merger paint is still rolling around. Like this Louisville and Nashville!


Oakland, Maryland is a more populated town. Has a beauty of an original station.


Terra Alta has a tough grade. The Hole is particularly notorious spot. An ex: B&O locomotive leads in the snow.


Eastbound freights struggle on Cranberry Grade.


A coal train is doubled at Salt Lick Curve.


On the M&K sub a slow speed unit coal train is chased along the Cheat River. This goes to The Patriot Coal Loader facility. Here, a coal move passes an old engine house at M&K Junction.


Tray Run Viaduct is on steep Cheat River Grade.


Kingwood Tunnel at Tunnelton, West Virginia. Note the older and now closed tunnel.


There are numerous source tape flaws. Appear later in the second half of the second DVD. Newburgh Grade in particular.


A Railfest Special from 1993 is also shown throughout the show.


Q Tower at Hardman received an interesting visit for a moment.


East Grafton GN tower is closed.


Film continues to the freight yard at Grafton, West Virginia.


D Tower is visited. Glen Ringling hosts.


Not a caboose to be found. Exception, 1978 scene contained a B&O bay window, bathed in brakeshoe smoke at Bond.

Volume 3

Outstanding episode in the series! Iron Horse left no stone unturned, to tell the story of B&O legendary West End.

Rating: 5 Stars

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