The Alaska Railroad

Alaska Cover.indd

Producer: Pentrex

Locations: Anchorage, Denali Park, Fairbanks, Whittier

Timeframe: 1984

Length: 90 minutes

A visit to the Alaska Railroad in 1984. Vintage F units were still operating. Chase or ride, several featured trains. Briefly see some other operations. Not a classic Pentrex structured program.

A detailed Chapter Menu is included. One basic map. No extra graphics. Bare bones.

Natural audio is the dominate soundtrack.


Tour begins with an F unit can ride. The journey kicks off at Fairbanks. It is a ten hour trip to destination at Anchorage. This is a passenger train.


Takes about a half hour to arrive. Basically, a non narrated trip. Unexciting for sure.


The best scenic view from a bridge.


Gravel trains are the next subject. Dave Drui brings his familiar voice. Unit trains are the deal. Hey, the narrative is very minimal.


Some nice pace sequences.


Earlier, a brief shop tour.


A State Fair passenger train is next. Again, almost non existent narration.


Whittier shuttle is the train that hauls autos and passengers.


Visually, this show is fine. Alaska Railroad beckons for more in depth discussion.


Ride in the back of a pickup truck on this train, to Whittier. Again, light on information.


A barge operation transfers freight cars. This enables movements to the lower 48 states. See this in close-up.


Check the ferry boat!


A special Cruise ship train. Whittier at 6am. The passengers are hauled out. Porter to Anchorage. Another cab ride.


Tacked on as the final chapter. A random collection of freight trains.


The Alaska Railroad covers a beautiful area. It is one that many may never visit. Hence, a narrative would be highly desirable. This was a big letdown. Other shows do this much better.

A quiet and somewhat, sleepy presentation.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars


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