The Best of Soo Volume 2


Producer: CVP

Timeframe: 1986- 89

Locations: Minneapolis

Length:100 minutes

Source: Bob Rivard

This Second volume continues with the Milwaukee Road merger. Raises the interest level, with a greater assortment  of equipment. Videography has also improved over the course of time.

Visual quality is markedly improved versus volume one. Picture is in the very good range,overall. A good transfer to the DVD format.


Audio is enviornmental, plus radio chatter. The scanner traffic explains several situations!


On-screen graphics denote: dates, locations and pertinent information. Everything ties together.


There is a pic only Chapter Menu. No maps. I would have preferred some maps. Not knowing; Shoreham Hill from Humboldt Yard etc…


The Milwaukee Road power is still merger fresh at the beginning. Factory paint in the lash-ups. Later, the bandit paint begins to appear.


Chicago and Northwestern locomotives make a few appearances. As does, Burlington Northern.


Clean GP30 units are easy to find at first.


Surprisingly, some GP7/9 units are still in service. Although, zero F units are seen.


Much of this show was shot in winter.


The pairing of the merger roads becomes more frequent, as the years pass. Milwaukee bandits replace the factory paint.


Pushers are commonplace on Shoreham Hill. Soo Line 2126 received an emergency radio call. To hustle over, and shove on a stalled freight. A boxcar in tow, the 2126 renders assistance.


See a grounded Soo caboose #85  get rerailed.


At first glance, this appears to be a solid Milwaukee Road lash-ups. Check the middle unit..


Humboldt Yard.


This program is wall to wall action! Many freight cars are viewed, as the trains roll past the camera.


Electromotive GP30 had a distinctive cab and roofline. It was all about muscle in the 1960s. The designers at EMD sure gave it the look!

vlcsnap-2019-07-09-13h38m15s868Milwaukee Road gives plenty of variety.


A Bandit shot for comparison.


Both Railroads supply their cabooses. Milwaukee Road with their Bay window models.


Hey! It’s still a Soo Line show.


Soo Line wide vision style.

The Best of Soo Vol. 2

A diverse locomotive fleet is the key to an enhanced Soo Line volume. Volume 2 is improved in every area. It is a fast moving show. The lack of a formal narrative, keeps it in the realm of Railfans, and Model Railroaders.

Quite an enjoyable look, at vintage Soo/ Milwaukee trains around Minneapolis. Hands down, the best of the two volumes!

Rating: 4 Stars



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