Milwaukee Road in the Midwest Volume 1


Producer: C Vision

Timeframe:1977- 1986

Locations: IA,MO,MN,WI

Length:80 minutes

Source: Fred Crissey

Fred Crissey on the Milwaukee Road in the 1970s and 80s. He travels into; Iowa, Minnesota, Missiouri and Wisconsin. Branchlines galore.

All color, 8mm film. Original condition. Pretty clean for the most part. You will notice little specks throughout. Some occasional camera shake.


The color balance, is basically maintained. Orange is a tricky color to begin with. Not perfect film. The 1986 has several scenes, just a bit off. The rest is fine.


Full narration. Good script, that has plenty of information. There is a detailed Chapter Menu. On screen graphics, with locations.


Maps are included and frequently used. Lucky for us. This program does bounce around. In an interesting fashion.

No train sounds. A musical soundtrack. Predominant, adult contemporary with guitar and piano featured. Well chosen.

The show structure is similar to the Chicago and Northwestern series. Which is good!


 A couple of hard to find items. SW1 engines in local service. Operating F units.


The SW1 stable was concentrated on a weight restriction line in Minnesota. Fred was there in 1977. This is some rare film. Fine chapter that follows a local.


GP20 action is viewed in Iowa. The units with nose mounted number boards, are rebuilt from GP 9 units. They run to Mason City yard here.


Savanna, Illinois and Sabula, Iowa. The Missipsippi River is in between. A rare Fairbanks Morse switches the yard. That black car. Looks like a 1979 Pontiac Sunbird. My late Brother had one.


Back at the bridge. A GP30, leads some F units across the Missipsippi River.


Some road trains, pass through the show. Milwaukee Road #2052 is an EMD GP40.


Milwaukee F units were operating from Savanna. Fred gives chase to several F trains.


Burlington Northern, at a Savanna junction.


Street running at Bellvue Iowa and Lansing, Michigan.


A 1986 segment. Kansas City, Missouri to Ottumwa, Iowa. Randolph.


This is post Soo Line merger. Some on CNW Spine Line at Randolph. Bandit paint appears.


Return to 1978. Local to Darlington, Wisconsin. Rock on the rough roadbed, while aboard SD9 #518. The rails are nearly weed covered. You may begin to feel seasick here!


Spend a day shift with, the local.


In 1978. Rebuild SD10 #555 is on a an extended chase. Very detailed narrative keeps things interesting. As the local travels carefully,over the light rail and rough roadbed.


The 555 traverses a scenic area. It’s lightweight footprint and 1800 horsepower, a perfect match for the job.


This is a fine look at vintage Milwaukee Road in rural settings. Nicely put together. It plays well. While, jumping locations and years.


Compared to a pair of similar Chicago and Northwestern shows by C. Vision. This one offers tighter shots. The snail’s pace of those locals, would give good setup times!

Viewers will come away with an understanding, of 1970s Milwaukee Road branchlines. Why, even with plenty of business, a given line was abandoned.

So, the total viewing experience is better. Therefore, a higher rating. Both series have very worthwhile material. Most fans of the Granger roads will enjoy both.

Rating: 4 Stars



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