Into the Allegheny Range Volume 2


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1991- 93

Locations: Cumberland area

Length: 80 minutes

Source: Iron Horse America

Cumberland Terminal and Vicinity. Iron Horse continues, with the second of four volumes. CSX now owns the former B&O facility. A wide variety of power and paint, on tap!

Complete maintenance of locomotives and freight cars. A hump yard. Storage yard. Crew accommodations. These are some of the features of the sprawling Cumberland Terminal.


A detailed Chapter Menu is provided. Custom maps are frequently referenced.


Videography is first rate. Audio is professional level. Post production is on a high level. Except the last Chapter.


Bob Taylor with a balanced narrative. Allows trains to be heard.

CSX is attractive to Railfans, with many old paint schemes. Check the GP30, in dual B&O paint. Model Railroaders can have a blast, with the Sunburst remants, underneath the faded Capitol dome, logos and lettering!


This volume is different, with contrasting interjection of some vintage film. Illustrates certain discussions. Nice!



M Tower is the beginning.


Trains are identified with on-screen graphics.


Evitt’s Creek Yard is next. CSX crane set.


Two SD40 are notable. One in Chessie. The other is the last one in original C&O paint.

CSXT Car Maintenance Facility receives a look.


R344 with a B&O GP40



Locomotive Shops have an extended visit.


Roundhouse from 1916 still has several stalls, although modified. A rare, Family Lines GP16 enters said roundhouse.


Turntable area offers additional photo ops. Seaboard System is another sought after paint scheme.


Safety Stop at crew change point.


Yard switcher is dated as 10/92.


City of Cumberland.. Baltimore Street


Amtrak’s Capitol Limited stopped at the Station.


Viaduct Junction.


ND Tower. James Hotchkiss controls Viaduct Junction. Note those Armstrong levers!


The remainder gets off topic. It feels like filler. The further it rolls, the more it feels stretched. Do viewers really need to see inside a food tent?

Western Maryland Scenic RR gets a brief visit. An unnarrated collage of the best images. Turns into an advertisement for the Pentrex video. A straight commercial.

Railfest with B&O  Museum equipment. Plays like a collection of high quality home videos. Could not believe the inclusion of a food tent! Amatuer vibe now…


Lafayette is good material. Spare me the modern, black and white film.

Waiting for some excursions. Buried!

Troublesome engines and long segments of switching the locomotives around. Yawns…


After watching this boring segment. The train finally pulls out out of town…


This volume cruises along fine, and loses steam towards the end. The Railfest section is slow and clumsy, in comparison to the main feature. Drags down this otherwise excellent program.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars


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