Into the Allegheny Range Volume 1

Allegheny 1 Cover.indd

Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1992-93

Locations: Magnolia Cut-Off, more..

Length: 3 hours

Source: Iron Horse America

A comprehensive tour of the highly scenic 55 miles, from Hancock, West Virginia to Cumberland, Maryland. Spectacular, Magnolia Cutoff is the centerpiece. A longtime railfan favorite!

Iron Horse America, in co-operation with the CSX Railroad. They spent 4 years filming what has become, an extensive 4 volume series on DVD. All the seasons. Any weather conditions.


A Pentrex release. Quality is expected to be of a high standard. The only issue, is a menu that doesn’t illuminate the check boxes properly. Fine otherwise.


What we have here…

Into the Allegheny Range Volume 1 Hancock, West Virginia. to Cumberland, Maryland.

Former, Baltimore and Ohio trackage. This route follows the Potomac River in a Westerly direction. This line will eventually reach the world famous Sand Patch Grade, in a later volume.


There is plenty to see in this first release. All seasons. Any weather conditions. A cornucopia of views!

Loaded with all the trimmings! Just the way it should be. We deserve the full treatment.


Don’t forget some fine maps. Iron Horse provides a large supply. Frequently referenced. Nicely done.

Good narration. A well rounded but not overblown script. Sits in the pocket. Viewers get to listen to the trains.


On screen graphics with: location, train designation, month and year. Directional, mile marker and more. Is that info for you people? Plenty for me.


Videography is professional level. Everything is clean. Great composition. An eye for the artistic. Yet not overindulgent. Scenic awareness.


Audio is equally at a high standard. Levels are balanced. Environments reflected in the ambient sounds. Play this show through a sound bar for maximum enjoyment!

This is a first class presentation. A thinking man’s show. Also, a Railfans treasure.


Hancock Yard is a humble beginning. Compared to the tour that is ahead. Check the former Seaboard Coast Line GP40.


Several run throughs, add to the endless parade. Conrail is the most frequently seen.


The 1992 era trains have plenty of pre-merger paint in their lash-ups. B&O, L&N, Seaboard Coast Line and Chessie, are a few. Above is a Seaboard System, for another.


Magnolia Cutoff is a large area. Mountain region with four tunnels. Iron Horse covers this extremely well.


Randolph Tunnel is a super trainwatching location. East and West portals. As are all of the tunnels filmed.


A MARC F rebuild. Leads a Baltimore Orioles Special, at Randolph Tunnel.


Stuart Tunnel is a remote one. It has even more high paced action. With 50 mph speeds and a deep rock cut. Even makes a fine Amtrak Capital Limited image. Model Railroaders would love this scene on their pike!


Stuart Tunnel in a closer view.


Cross a river. Over a long bridge. Enter Maryland…


Kessler bridge. Graham Tunnel.


The Concrete Wall is better than it sounds. Natural lighting varies.


South Branch Valley Railroad. A Shortline. A Tourist Line. Quick visit.


Carothers Tunnel. An extra long lash-up. The small town of Paw Paw is nearby. Yes, the town gets a quick visit. No extra fare!


A show providing plenty of movement. Local historical items are included, as well. The original C&O canal for one.


Conclusion at Cumberland. Narrator leads into offerings on upcoming releases. The credits mention the use of improved video equipment in the later volumes.

Into The Allegheny Range, Volume 1


This program is a winner! Excellent all the way around. An action oriented show that will satisfy railfans, model railroaders and most of the family. Something for everyone.

Rating: 5 Stars

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