Pittsburgh Mainlines


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1999

Locations: Pittsburgh area

Length: 2 hours 16 minutes

Tour the Steel City with: Conrail, CSX, Union Railroad and Amtrak. This is prior to Norfolk Southern. There is a surprising amount of rail action, in Pittsburgh. Memorable settings for the trains, as well.


A detailed Chapter Menu displays many locations. Conway Yard, Rochester, P&LE Main and Turtle Creek Valley being several.


Comprehensive coverage of the Pittsburgh metro area. Historical aspects pay tribute to the rich industrial foundation of this city.

Dave Drui with his smooth, pro narration. Balanced, ambient audio soundtrack.


Conrail does run a herd of trains through this fascinating trackage.


CSX is on former B&O lines. Plenty of CSX with road and local moves. Bonus, the locals still require a caboose!


Union Railroad may be unfamiliar. It is the business. Coke, and steel related plant trains are abundant within it’s domain.


Some complicated trackage is explained with many Pentrex custom maps. Frequently referenced and needed by viewers.


Scenic vistas abound, as Pennsylvania landscapes are always nearby.


Port Perry is a stunning location!


There are still some operational Steel plants. Pentrex visits.


On-screen graphics with additional information.


A Model Railroaders paradise, as well. Some scenes ; have more tracks and trains, than a Christmas Lionel dream layout!


Amtrak has several trains.


Impressive bridges are a Cornerstone. All of those rivers and valleys must be crossed.


Tunnels are plentiful. All, a little different.


Here, coal hoppers are spotted with a tiny switcher. An unusual operation. Singular!


Here is a glimpse of vintage film. Pentrex certainly sent the extra mile. On more than one occasion, showing historical footage.


Comparison to the current Pittsburgh.


CSX- Allegheny Crossing is impessive. Just when you think the old Pennsylvania Railroad bridges rule. Along comes a: B&O or Pittsburgh & Lake Erie construction.


OK. Who wanted Bessemer & Lake Erie?… Me too! A couple of SD7 engines. Nice pair.


A former, Chessie System locomotive pokes it’s face out of a tunnel. Even more, than can be reasonably included within the scope of this review. There is plenty to be relished. A packed program.


One of the last operating Interlocking Towers gets a visit. See the inside…


Union Railroad has a caboose on every train. Good coverage on this road.

Pittsburgh Mainlines.

One of the top Pentrex shows, with late 1990s railroads. Different mixture of trains, in a variety of settings. Expert videography and production. Historical aspects that are, woven into the program. A great choice for anyone with an interest in trains!

Rating: 5 Stars


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