Santa Fe’s New Mexico Mainline Combo


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1994

Locations: Clovis and Gallup subs

Length: 3 hours

Extra value is always appreciated, on these two for one, releases from Pentrex. A grand tour of the Santa Fe Railway in New Mexico. This was filmed after, the return to red and silver warbonnets.

Clovis subdivision. Begins at the Texas state line. Texico, New Mexico. The show shall proceed westbound. Concluding at the Arizona border.



Lone Star Junction is our jumping off point. Typical mid 1990s intermodal trains.


Clovis to Belen in this Volume. Maps are provided to outline the territory.

Familiar voice of David Drui on narration. High quality script. On screen graphics.

All of the expected Pentrex departments hitting on all cylinders. Total professionals.

vlcsnap-2019-03-17-13h06m23s046Action… GP35R 2804 is still in service at Clovis Yard. An intermodal moves through on the outer track. While a double stack departs.

Old box cars used by farmers for storage.


Attractive ATSF stations are still standing. This one at Vaughn, appears in vintage film.


Notice how smart Pentrex is at spicing up what could be boring, repetitive trains. The intermodals just are not very interesting. So they interject; horses, jet, a fire…

Good. It isn’t just myself yawning. How many double stacks and JB Hunt TOFC trains can one stand?

Even in 1994. They knew. A waste of gas!  Go find a town. Onward boys…


Here is a bridge. Crossing the Pecos River. The pinnacle of the first half!


More drudgery. I do not like the Clovis sub, so far. Repetitious and nothing interesting to view. Perhaps, the weakest sub on Santa Fe for a show. At least, in this modern era.


They get some fine shots at Willard. A large, open curve in the desert topography.


The jump ahead to Belen Yard. Perhaps, so no one turns off this dragging show! We then backtrack to Mountainair station. The end of this tour.


Abo Canyon with 7 bridges, in 5 1/2 miles. The scenic highlights are here. Moutainous desert terrain provides a dramatic setting for the freights.


Older FP45 locomotives appear on several moves in the canyon. Note how deftly Pentrex regulates the wind noise. Many producers fail in this area.


Clovis sub. An uneccassary show, except for the single golden nugget. Abo Canyon makes this program. Keep in mind, that it only is one chapter. The remainder is: Pentrex cameramen creating a proverbial silk purse from a sow’s ear.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars


Gallup sub: Volume 2

Single DVD



We start at Belen Yard. Picks up right where the first Volume geographically concluded. This part of New Mexico does contain better scenery. Follow the railroad to the Arizona State line in 1994.


Obviously, the Clovis sub doesn’t stand well on it’s own. Hence, a value oriented, double release makes sense.


Dalies is a photogenic natural. Has some traditional accoutraments. Signal bridge and water tank. Set the stage for great photos and film.


Amtrak Southwest Chief makes several appearances.


This Phoenix to Belen move. A low priority return freight is chased. 3065 + 6386. ATVR bonus FYI: these  are a GE B30-7 and an EMD GP20.


Lee Ranch sib. Escalante Western SD40 trio operate unit coal for a power plant.


Red Rocks provides a dramatic backdrop. Not too mention, this interesting lash-up.


South Guam starts some of the striking bluffs New Mexico is known for.


Zuni has the natural gas plant.


Gallup Yard is a busy place.


Arizona State line marks the end of this Volume.


Gallup sub is the clear pick of the two volumes. Fine show, for a modern era.

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars


As a Two for One combo release. Buyers are doing fine. Purchase it for the Gallup sub. Consider the Clovis sub as a bonus. Find a good price. That’s the ticket.

Rating: 4 Stars


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