Southern Pacific Cab Forward Collection


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1927-1956


Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

A comprehensive program on SP cab forward locomotives. Developed and operated by Southern Pacific. Sizeable fleet of 250 engines over the years.

Pentrex takes all available sources. Official vintage Southern Pacific films. Previous Pentrex releases. Stan Kistler’s photo collection. Extensive various films. Black and White. Plenty of color. Some are 16mm.

Dr. Bob Church is a noted historian and author. He offers information, on the background of the AC and SP development.



Pentrex always has professional quality in every aspect of production. This show is supported by additional historical, still photos.


Narrated with a detailed script.


Stereo sound with unique AC sounds.


Multiple maps are used to define territories. On- screen graphics with various information, further augment the show.


The Overland Route. Uses official SP

movie excerpts in this chapter.


Tehachapi Loop. Extensive look consisting of both; official and railfan films. Color plus black and white, that cover years of AC power.


Bankers Special 1954. Double header with a GS-4.


Stan’s best known photo. A first hand ‘cloud of steam’ accounting, from the shot at Colton.


A freight at Glendale Tower.


Model Railroaders will benefit from many scenes, including freight car consists.


Pentrex left no stone unturned. They found a cool old film,with needed AC4 and AC5, steamers in service. A little film within the film. Supposed to have been shot over a period of years. A must see.


This show is packed with AC locomotives at work! They were versatile engines.


Even used as mid-train helpers on mountain grades.


Bay area has a chapter.


Shasta Route offers very scenic areas.


Modoc Line in 1955 to 1956. This was the last place to see the AC class engines in service.


Last run of a cab forward in 1957. AC11 4274.


Bonus material. Talking heads. Stan Kistler reminiscing on a variety of AC topics.

4294 preservation. Watch this get put into the museum!



Southern Pacific Cab Forward Collection.

Pentrex has painstakingly created the definitive AC locomotive program. They have the complete history. Cover all the classes. The entire SP fleet of 255 steam engines. A fantastic steam show!

Rating: 5 Stars

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