Big Boy Combo DVD Part 1


Producer: Pentrex

Timeframe: 1950s

Locations: Cheyenne, Sherman Hill

Length: 1 hour 23 minutes

Source: Union Pacific, Pentrex

What we have here. Is an original, vintage Union Pacific program, on Big Boy steam locomotives. A second show. Pentrex made, about the UP Cheyenne Shops. These are paired on a single DVD. Special Collectors’ Edition.


The Last of the Giants. The original and definitive show, on Big Boy locomotives. Union Pacific produced this program. Hours of film. The 23 minute show is a classic!


Last of the Giants Volume 2: The Cheyenne Shops. Culled from hours of original film from that old production. Interviews added to augment the Big Boy story.


A detailed Chapter menu makes life easy.

Pentrex production excellence. No worries.

Broadcast style narrative. Great script.


The largest steam locomotive on Union Pacific! Engineer has seniority too!

Holler up some instructions. Let’s get things on the move… The BIG BOY is here!


ALCO 4-8-8-4. Over one million pounds.


Modern UP steam guru Steve Lee adds a wealth, of background knowledge. As do some former Cheyenne shop force employees.


The time flies as the story is told. Surprising, how much old film exists in the vault. Not only of the Big Boys. Challengers, Turbines and whatever else was nearby at the time of the shoot.


A 48 stall roundhouse with large support facilities. Thousands of employees needed to keep the steam fleet operational. Learn all about, what it took to keep things running.


The interior views of the shops are astounding! Those small glimpses that you may have seen. Are complete, and discussed in a fully coherent chapter form.


That original steam service facility. Had some heavy equipment, to rival anyone. Serious business, for a single railroad.


Listen carefully to the workforce employed by Cheyenne. A complicated machine. Experts required to maintain.


Women remained employed by the railroad after World War 2.


After viewing this program. One can understand the order placements for diesel power. Doesn’t mean that one has to like it.


#4013 is ready to roll… Diesels…Bah! Not now. The advantage of a film collection!


Absolutely, a fascinating steam engine to see in operation or learn about.


Ultra clean clean film presentation by Pentrex.  Perhaps, not the neighborhood laundry in 1956!


Big Boys put on an awesome display!

Big Boy Last of the Giants combo DVD.

A great pair of Union Pacific steam locomotive shows, to add to anyone’s collection!

Rating: 5 Stars

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