Steamin’ In 2013

Steamin’ In 2013 cvr

Diverging Clear Productions

Length: 60 minutes+ previews

Time Period: 2013

Locations: Monticello, Strasburg, Chattanooga, Enola, Altoona, Horseshoe Curve

Sources: Mary McPherson, Kurt Jensen

MSRP: 20.00

DCP has a show highlighting 4 steam locomotives that they filmed in 2013. Southern #401. Strasburg RR #475. Southern #630. Nickel Plate #765. Three of the engines were featured in previous shows from this past year. All of these shows were reviewed on this site. Titles are in the preview section. Note, the Strasburg loco will have a show in early 2014.

765bKurt Jensen has the way too sparse narrative. His style is: relaxed, and likeable. The remaining majority of audio, is all natural live sound. Everything is very clearly heard. That includes children in the background  or crossing bells. Fortunately, the noises are at a minimum. Yet, the lack of a solid narration weakens the set.

475d1The narration is in an introductory format. Background and some info to set the scene, After that, it is all environmental sound. No other information is offered. Didn’t care for this style. There could be alot to discuss. Feels like a quickie, throw it together show.

401tSouthern Railway 401 is first up. The engine is seen operating at Monticello Railway Museum. Mixture of some decent trackside runbys. Also the cab ride that doesn’t really work.  A soft steam whistle stands out on this steamer. Shot during a crowded Railfan Weekend, the museum has plenty of equipment in service. See the replica of an Illinois Central interlocking tower. See the crowd around the station too.

401jThe camera jerks around too much, as I wait to get a view like this. Annoying and should have been deleted. The chapter has an amateur quality.

475chStrasburg RR 475 at Strasburg, Pennsylvania. This 4-8-0 was from the Norfolk and Western. Baldwin built in 1906. These passenger cars are on the ugly side. No information is offered, but they are an odd looking collection.

475ocWeather conditions on this visit from good to heavy overcast. Some nice looking scenes. Other views are so gray, why bother? Amateur stuff.

630aSouthern 630 is the best filmed of the bunch, overall. Same with the full length show. Serious railfans would be happier, to get the 630 combo and pass on this compilation. Seriously!

630Southern Railway 630 is shown in the Chattanooga area. Tennessee Valley Railway Museum at Railfest 2013. The 2-8-0 gets to strut her stuff on the Norfolk Southern mainline. Recently restored and looking sharp! Another great steam whistle. No diesel helper on the main.

765      Each chapter runs about 15 minutes. There is heavy sunlight bouncing around in the morning scenes. The Pennsy heritage diesel has a classic livery.

765aNickel Plate Road 765 on the old Pennsylvania main with the classic locations. Enola,  Altoona and Horseshoe Curve. The biggest and most powerful power on this show.

765dThis latest release goes back to amateur level. Here, the 765 rounds Horseshoe Curve- behind the crowd of weekenders. The close up ‘money shot’ is blocked by a tree.

475There you have it. A non essential sampler of still operational steam. Should be good for younger children, as the train sounds dominate. This one hour show might appeal to kids.

Rating: 2 Stars


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