Southern 630 On the Mainline to Cleveland

Southern 630 On The Mainline To Cleveland southern railway 630 - on the mainline to cleveland

Diverging Clear Productions

Length: 41 minutes on DVD-R + 42 on audio CD-R

Time Period: September, 2013

Locations: Chattanooga to Cleveland, Tennessee.

Source: Mary McPherson, Kurt Jensen,Tom Dunn

MSRP: 25.00

Southern Railway 630 is a beautifully restored Consolidation on the DVD. There is an accompanying audio CD of this engine. An innovative package.

2The 2-8-0 is shown operating in excursion service for Railfest Weekend. A diesel powered local also gets in on the fun. The story begins at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.

day 2 consistDiverging Clear Productions has been noticeably upgrading their recent releases. Numerous small details that result in better viewing. The feel of the newer shows have a pro vibe.

map 2Mary has solved the map issues with this simple, yet stylish overlay. The white dot shows our current location. There is no diesel assistance or backup on the mainline!

tx                   A combination of mainline and museum track action, add variety.

Kurt Jensen narrates this show. He is a natural at hosting. Clear speaking voice and good delivery. The script contains most of the information desired. I would have moved, and modified a few things for greater clarity, but most of it is in there. There were 4 roundtrips on this weekend over two days. Not a long program, but less is sometimes more……

newAlco built 630 in 1904. Modified by Southern over the years. Kurt will explain the history.

1         All three cameras filmed the trains in fine fashion. The show looks excellent.

2aThe old steamer put on a good display. She ran on Norfolk Southern, former Southern Railway trackage. Speeds around 40mph. Wonderful steam sounds from this loco.

2594High hood GP30 leads from one end of this local. An FP7 is on the opposite end.

6133My only real issue is the title… Cleveland? More accurate, ‘On the mainline to the middle of nowhere’. Buyers will probably assume Cleveland, Ohio- NOT Cleveland, Tennessee. Nevertheless, aside from the title, the show content is solid.

tx2Southern 630 puts on a fine display that will satisfy adults and children. It is a program that has plenty of action. Brief bits of the diesels break any monotony.

cutSounds of the 630, is the title of the CD. Mary enjoys listening to trains as well. For review purposes, this is a bonus disc. Haven’t factored it in as far as ratings. There are 16 tracks. Good recordings. Some tracks are better then others. Maybe, I will open the windows and rock the neighborhood on the home sound system……. Where’s the train ??

2 obsProducer Mary McPherson has achieved a higher level program with this show. Tight editing, fine script and the map usage are some elements. It never drags out, as it has a good balance of movement and rest. This new release is comparable to some of the professional companies programs. Very well done. As a result, the show rates at the higher pro level.

Congratulations !

Rating: 4 Stars


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