The Heritage Series: Then and Now- The Sand Hills Subdivision

The Heritage Series: Then and Now- The Sand Hills Subdivisioncvr

Diverging Clear Productions

Length: About 2 hours total

Two DVD-R set

Time Periods: 1989 and 2010-2012

Locations: Alliance, Raveena, Broken Bow

Sources: George Redmond (1989),Mary McPherson

MSRP: 25.00

The exact same premise as Crawford Hill. This sub operates on the other side of Alliance, Nebraska. Presentation is about the same. This release even shares the same introduction and a handful of shots from Crawford Hill. Not necessarily a bad thing.  Likely, only hardcore fans or area residents would need both programs.


Disc 1 contains Burlington Northern circa 1989. Original video by George Redmond. The videographer did a fine job of shooting the BN. Imagery and composition are nicely done. Only some yellow skies and minor flares are the flaws. Both programs offer, basically the same railroad equipment. More pacing shots in this show. Flatland running is the major difference. Greater emphasis on close-ups.


Disc 2 contains BNSF from 2010 and 2012. This was shot by Mary McPherson. Pro level camerawork. Mary has upped her game in all areas. More variety of locomotives and paint schemes compared to Crawford Hill.

mapThe map solution works like a charm. Frequently used and the brief glance keeps pace with the show.

pacerMary has an outstanding pacing sequence of this train. Check her guitar playing in the background. The way the locomotives are so well framed and combined with the music. A memorable scene is created. You just know that this person loves trains!

ravennaRavenna is a crew change point. A show highlight which demonstrates just how busy this route has become.

ravenModel railroaders will find Ravenna a location with good possibilities. The overhead walkway for example.

sd40Cascade Green livery looked great on the long profile of the SD40-2. The extra length balanced the large numbers with the cab lettering perfectly.


Comparisons to, Heritage Series: Then and Now- Crawford Hill…


What is worse then having to sit through a long, 2 disc set of repetitive coal train shows?

Answer: Having to sit through a second, nearly identical set of repetitive coal trains!

u30Which is better?

A split decision. The BN is more engaging on the Crawford Hill. Helpers and better scenery. BNSF has more locomotive variety on this Sand Hills show.


Is there a tiebreaker?

Yes. The shorter length of Sand Hills makes a more enjoyable overall view. Compare to the longer Crawford Hill show, that just drags on endlessly.

Your mileage may vary.

Rating: 3 Stars

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