Vignettes of the Jersey Central Volume 3

Vignettes of the Jersey Central Volume 3cvr

Clear Block Productions

Length: 53 minutes

Time Period: early 1960’s- 1970’s

Locations: Jersey City to Scranton (many places)

Sources: A. Angstadt, K. Bealer, W. McClennan, J. Reck, R. Wilt

MSRP: 30.00

Third volume begins at Communipaw, NJ in the early 1960’s. Freight and commuter service are covered. Nearly the entire length of Jersey Central is within this show. Five film sources were used for this program. All color presentation of 8mm sources. Todd Miller has good, but too minimal narration.

Baltimore and Ohio owned the cash strapped CNJ at this time. Plenty of hastily relettered B&O power is seen serving CNJ. Of course, regular B&O locomotives are present. Other railroad diesels are: Reading, Lehigh Valley and a little cameo of Delaware & Hudson. Also. Norfolk and Western leased F units, in assorted assignments. A few RDC scenes too.

comm                    Striking, 1st generation lashups are on the early 1960’s footage.

Clear Block has plenty of authentic train sounds to augment the old films. By builder, they sound different. Pretty good overall effect.

There are zero maps or on screen graphics. The way we travel around, increased location awareness is badly needed. A viewer can end up feeling lost.

rs                      Alco RS-3 engines operate at what looks like Allentown Yard.

Film quality is unrestored. Imagery ranges from fair to good. Sometimes, the color balance is off. Keep in mind, any vintage CNJ is hard to find.

cnj9701Vintage diesels from the various builders appear in 1st and 2nd generation models. Fairbanks Morse switchers in yard service.

bald                                   Baldwin switchers and old road units are still operating.

crane2Poor condition track is evident. Some trains rock violently and you will see a number of derailment sites. A pair of steam cranes are rerailing piggyback cars.

pushers Red Baron scheme is barely evident in this volume. This pair of Geeps are pushing this passenger move at an unknown location.

cabride The final section is a lengthy cabride on a freight from Allentown to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

hoop                Time honored practice of hooping up the orders to a passing train.

This third volume has a wide variety of CNJ film . Viewers will have to consider the unrestored nature of the show. A solid narrative would have achieved a higher score.Seems best geared for the hardcore fan. It has plenty of rare, and hard to find material. More casual fans may be disappointed. Overall, it feels like an old, early train video.

In any case, if you seek vintage Jersey Central, this is an action packed release.

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars


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