Frisco 1522 on Freight

Frisco 1522 on FreightHeritage Series - Frisco 1522 On Freight

Diverging Clear Productions

Length: One Hour

Time Period: 1991- 1992

Locations: St. Louis to Springfield MO.

Sources: George Redmond, Kurt Jensen

MSRP: 20.00

Note: Brand new 2013 pre- release review.

Latest entry in The Heritage Series features Frisco 1522. Filmed in 1991 and 1992. There were non publicized test runs of the locomotive, following repairs. These break-in trips were on former Frisco rails, as hosted by Burlington Northern. Viewers will see both freight and passenger cars being hauled by the steamer.

cuba 3Number 1522 is a large 4-8-2 Mountain type locomotive. Baldwin built in 1926.

5aThe videos were shot on the common VHS equipment of the time. George Redmond was the veteran and Kurt Jensen was fairly new to video. Film quality is about what one would expect. Overcast skies are present throughout the majority of the show. Composition and camerawork are good. Quality of the source tapes range from fair to good. The sound is vibrant.

mapMary McPherson is the producer. She is constantly improving her shows. This one has some new digital graphics. Map overlays which are a creative solution. Editing and script are fine. Soundtrack is natural sound and very clear. Mary performs the narrative.

In case you haven’t heard, Mary is a real world Amtrak conductor!

st louis                                                 Early morning operation at St. Louis.

cuba departThe program is largely a collection of runbys. Here, the train departs Cuba.

Cuba MO                                                Nice shot !  Frisco 1522 at Cuba, Missouri.

pace                                               Some pacing sequences too.

union station st louis 1522Location graphics are plentiful, as seen here.

springfield yard                              The feature trip runs all the way to Springfield Yard.

rr days nrhs                   The Frisco engine is then displayed at a Railroad Days event.

Frisco 1522 on Freight is another in a growing line of Heritage Series releases.The show achieves a nice balance in presentation. Diverging Clear offers a show that will appeal to both railfans and probably their kids as well.

Rating: 3 Stars

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