Vignettes of the CNJ Volume 2

Vignettes of the CNJ Volume 2cvr

Clear Block Productions

Length: 56 minutes

Time Period: 1960’s

Locations: System

Sources: Steve Bonscher, Ralph Mallamace, William P. Price, Charles and Ken Bealer

MSRP: 30.00

This release is the second volume of three CNJ Vignettes by Clear Block.

A wide ranging film collection of Jersey Central in the 1960’s. Leased units and connecting roads keep the interest level high. CNJ was not a pretty railroad. Drab paint and often in industrial settings. The focus is on the various locomotives in service.

ay2The 5 film sources all appear to be on original, unrestored 8mm stock. The good news is all color films. The quality is about what you would expect for old footage. Range is from fair to  good. Composition is generally acceptable.

ru tower elizabethportMuch attention has been given to accurate sounds of the assorted power.

1Narrative is fine for an older production. Locations are often referred to by tower. Train designations are frequent, ex: AY2. There are numerous map references. Consider, these maps are from a different age. They look primitive, but apt description is useful.

6904Jersey Central was owned by B&O. Late 60’s paint scheme looks like B&O. Reading was a sister railroad to CNJ. Leased units from Norfolk and Western are common.All of those railroads had some intriguing lash-ups of mixed units. Lehigh Valley makes a few cameo appearances. A few scenes of a Canadian Pacific steamer on excursion service, albeit not good quality.   Lehigh and Hudson River also is briefly visited.


gp40 1968The multi track mainline is prominently featured. Locations include:Jersey City, Communipaw, Elizabethport, Elizabeth, Aldene, Cranford, Plainfield, Middlesex, and Bound Brook. Additionally, Passaic Drawbridge, Brills Transfer, Bayway, Rahway, Phillipsburg, and Bethlehem are visited.

fmtm      The Fairbanks-Morse Trainmasters were awesome looking diesel locomotives.

ruAlco RS3 types are very common in this era. RU Tower offers plenty of action.

f3ru                                               An F3 leads a freight past RU Tower.

CNJ locomotives from: Fairbanks Morse, EMD, Alco and Baldwin.

lhrAlthough the viewing isn’t the best, Todd Miller has produced an interesting program.

lhr oa1Vignettes of the Jersey Central Volume 2 showcases one of those hard to find railroads.Railfans will find this to be a good overview of this railroad. All of the varied equipment seen operating, adds to a rare view of CNJ in the 1960’s.

Rating: 3 Stars


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