The Central Vermont Railway in Steam- Volume 3 & 4

The Central Vermont Railway in Steam- Volume 3cover & 4

A&R Productions

Length: 70 minutes

Time Period: early 1950’s

Locations: St. Albans, White River Jct,Willamantic, and more

Source: Karl Hartman

MSRP: 30.00

Volume 3 is an all color collection that appears to be from the early 1950’s. This is nearly all steam, with wooden cabooses. Shots of yards, stations, coal towers add to the vintage flavor. The films cover a range of CV territory. A caboose ride on the Richfield offers the local switching moves. Creamery service was still in operation.

The show quality wavers between fair to good. There are too many dark scenes, which are silhouettes. Films vary throughout. Everything looks to be original and unrestored. Camera is handheld. At times, the shakiness is annoying. Majority of the time, the shake it is acceptable. Overcast winter weather is abundant.

norwichmontvilleTed Dalaku has a fairly informative script. Actual years are not included, and may not have been originally noted. Train designations and activities are well described.

Soundtrack varies between dubbed sounds and silent film sequences.

white river

A single map is displayed at the beginning of the show. Obviously, this much coverage needed additional location references. The narrative does provide frequent updates.

450 willamantic                                                 Engine 450 at Willamantic.

We follow some local freights as they perform local switching moves.

LCL Mansfield depotHighlights are some interesting operations. The crew unloads some LCL freight by hand! Mansfield Depot.

united farmers creameryUnited Farmers Creamery was doing a good business.

wash 602Witness 602, a Mountain type, being steam washed by a hose attached to the boiler.

The Richford local contains a caboose ride. Too bumpy to be useful and poor weather. However, Karl also filmed some switching that makes the trip worthwhile.

st albans                                       Work train at St. Albans.

The Central Vermont Railway Volume 3 is a workmanlike production. Varying film composition with many exposure issues that lower the rating. Unusual scenes are the one thing that sets this apart. This one could benefit from a remaster and re-edit.

Volume 4 is a diesel cab ride on a Canadian National F unit. Runs along the Thames River and through a few small towns. East New London to Mansfield, CT. This functions as ten minutes of bonus footage.

This release is non essential for average viewers. Hardcore fans should like it.

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars


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