Steam Returns to Horseshoe Curve

Steam Returns to Horseshoe CurveSteam Returns To Horseshoe Curve

Diverging Clear

Length: 55 minutes, with bonus and previews.

Time Period: May, 2013

Locations: Lewiston, Altoona, Gallitizin and more

Sources: Mary R. McPherson, Kurt Jensen,with Tom Dunn, George Redmond

MSRP: 20.00

Memorial Day weekend, 2013. Nickel Plate Road 765 ran 3 excursion trains on former Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. Here is a chance to see this 2-8-4 steam locomotive operate over mountainous terrain. DCP utilized four video cameras to capture the action. The 3 days have been edited into a single trip over the line from Lewiston to Gallitizin Tunnels. Historical footage has been included and has film from as early as 1900.

This was the first steam power allowed to run here since 1977. The special is followed in a roundtrip. Three days of filming gave the producer plenty of shots to edit the best footage.

4If you are new to DCP, this 2013 release has much going for it. This show represents continuing improvements in their expanding catalog. Excellent balance and a pro vibe, make this a great entry point into their line.

5Kurt Jensen narrates this well written program. Live sound and music, accompany the show.

low                                            Low angle shots are a DCP hallmark.

mifflin                                             Classic Pennsy station at Mifflin, PA.

1                                                         Horseshoe Curve

juanitaPennsylvania’s T-1 Duplex is discussed during a historical interlude. Intriguing scenes at the Juanita Shops. A nice touch, this breaks the monotony of same train repetition. Interesting background and film dating back to 1900 are elements of the introductory chapter.

8102                     Commemorative paint recalls – The Standard Railroad of the World.

7Additional scenes of The Horseshoe Curve Steam Special follow until the somewhat odd conclusion. The 765 gets upstaged by a double stack!

gt2Gallizitin Tunnels has been condensed to it’s present day configuration.

uf                                     Union Furnace is yet another classic location.

A bonus section has 20 minutes of footage that wasn’t included in the final cut. At about an hour, the main program is a manageable run time. The extra is comparable quality. DCP preview section as well. A detailed chapter menu also. Would have liked a map with more detail then the rear cover squiggle. Balanced package overall.

tail                    A long consist, that was being expanded almost to the last minute.

This is a solid show for fans of present day steam train excursions. Consistent, with a steady hand on all 4 cameras. Smooth editing and minimal extraneous sound that results in pleasurable viewing. The inclusion of some historical aspects put the presentation in context and adds interest. Younger viewers will benefit from the history.

Producer Mary McPherson has released her best steam train show to date!

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