Union Pacific Vintage West

Union Pacific Vintage WestD-120

Charles Smiley Presents

Factory pressed DVD

Length: One Hour 38 minutes

Time Period: 1860’s – 1990’s

Locations: Everywhere

Sources: 14 Cameramen

MSRP: 28.50

Union Pacific Railroad may have had the ultimate assortment of diesel power during the 1960’s. Many served throughout the 1970’s. Ask any railfan who had the biggest diesel power, and they will answer UP. If you weren’t an eyewitness to that classic era, here is your chance.

Charles Smiley has given us a mega supply of these trains. All vintage, no modern, restored substitutions. As we expect, there is a treasure trove of information to gain. Historical, insider knowledge and ‘ what if ‘ scenarios. Comprehensive coverage of the many rare engine types.

cajon1955These GP9 engines are shown in 1955. Films range from the 1940’s into the 1990’s.

dd35a1DD35’s are more commonly seen, then would be expected. The dual GP35 model provides plenty of power. The focus is on the 1960 to 1980 period. That twenty years is the era you want. First and second generation power. All of the custom locomotives that UP was operating. This show is action packed.

dd35bUP ordered various cabless B units, such as the DD35B. Additionally: GP9B, SD24B and GP30B types were on the roster. Most of the competition did not order any cabless models, in the post F-unit years.

907Sourcing color film from 14 different cinematographers and one videographer, the many facets of Union Pacific are deftly woven together in a cohesive, all encompassing story.

turbine                          Two versions of turbines and their lifespan are covered.

As with the rest of the Charles Smiley catalog, high quality is assured. Film sources are generally in the very good to excellent range. Review space only allows a brief look into this encyclopedic presentation. The narrative alone is a goldmine.

u50In a show packed with rarities, a huge GE U50 is on the lead.

dd35                                       We Cab Handle It………………. We Know !

Audio tracks are synced to match the locomotives that are on the screen. Not everyone does this, and the difference is noticeable. He has a genuine enthusiasm for the subjects. Viewers receive a lively narrative. Strict attention to every detail, leaves the audience very aware of the action.

siskUP on SP rails. The Harriman era signals are still in use here and visible in the background.

Early history and the long lasting effects of E.H. Harriman’s management, are delved into thoroughly. Intertwining of SP and UP are one example.


Custom, labor intensive maps are the best in the business. A multitude of maps display various points of UP evolution. A nice touch, the multiple merger partners or possible partners are also individually shown. Missouri Pacific added much to Union Pacific.

f3                                   Hard to imagine, the F3 as mainline power.

gp30Power such as this GP30 seem rather tame, in comparison to the behemoths.

riInclusion of numerous connecting railroads add even more interest to the program. Sure, some of that footage may overlap from another show. Keep in mind, not everyone may have all of his titles. The extra footage is always welcome. It is needed to tell the stories. A side order of : Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, Milwaukee Road and Rock Island are starters here. There are many more.

wpbnWestern Pacific and some of the operations under UP are reviewed. Earlier in the timeline, BN and WP had joined forces on the Inside Gateway. Viewers will hear about BN as well.

6918Centennial models were numbered in the 6900 series. DD40AX were designed exclusively for UP. They introduced new features that Electromotive would include in future models.

sd24Identification issues are solved in some scenes such as above,

939A Conductor is in charge of a train. Watch closely at his movements. Checks his watch and he is telling the Engineer a few things.

cabThere is much more within this fine program. Demo units, a bit of steam, trolley and electrics. A bunch of surprises. This show is one stop shopping, for classic Union Pacific.

e9The timeframe continues right into the contemporary era.

Union Pacific Vintage West is simply- Epic !

Rating: 5 stars

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