Tracks of the Beaver

Tracks of the Beavercover

Highball Productions

Length: 90 minutes

Time Period: 2004

Locations: Alberta to British Columbia

Source: Peter Crook

MSRP: 19.95

Travel through scenic Canada via Canadian Pacific. Similar to other Highball titles as far as a rail tour style program. First rate cinematography. Many well known locations. Plenty of awesome scenery and assorted nature scenes to offer a nice overview of the route.


castle                                       Castle Mountain is an imposing one to see.

Canadian Rockies and Selkirk Mountains are the ranges traveled. Kicking Horse Pass is another spectacular location. Spiral tunnels, Rogers Pass and McDonald Tunnel are some more memorable sights.


Juan Aguirre is the narrator. Introductory chapter covers trains. Various train types and locomotives are reviewed in a style perfect for children. Railfans may cringe at the simplistic approach here. Stick with it, the program will quickly improve.

mmtPeter Crook is quite adept with his camera. Expert zoom usage on some long telephotos. A definite flair with his own style. Multiple viewpoints that keep the action moving. Natural scenery and abundant wildlife are freely mixed into the journey. This sequence at McDonald Tunnel is a fine one.

Narrative settles into providing a historical based narration. The remainder of the show is adult level. The background music is present throughout this program. There are some train sounds, albeit on a limited basis. Soundtrack and a dry delivery on the narration does become tiresome.

fieldGeneral Electric C44W locomotives are the main player in this 2004 production.

sd90Electromotive has SD90MAC and SD40-2 types. Canadian Pacific, CP Rail dual flag and a few pac-man variant schemed locos are found. The older power on the locals.

bear2                                              Bear Ahead!!

birdThis crow is pacing the moving train. Any second, that sandwich will become bird food. Amazing!

A great selection of cab ride action from various parts along the route.

royal canadian pac                                                      The Royal Canadian Pacific.

vistaExtreme telephoto shot pulls back to reveal a now tiny freight train. Canadian wilderness is vast. Scenic vistas abound in a PBS like program.

3Travel on Canadian Pacific tracks from Exshaw, Alberta to Revelstoke, British Columbia. Views from: trackside, highway, loco cabs, aerial and some hard to reach vantage points.


lower spiralKicking Horse Pass is an engineering highlight. Good background on original surveying, construction and operational challenges. Spiral tunnels and Rogers Pass.

stoney creek                                            Stoney Creek Bridge is a famous location.

morants curve                                                     Morant’s Curve is another classic.

vanTracks of the Beaver is another of Highball’s Canadian Adventure programs. Outstanding videography makes it and the series, worth a look. The presentation feels somewhat sterile. Something with the excessive background music, and a sense of detachment from the narrator. That being said, all elements are professional. A smooth production.

Hardcore railfans may find the focus can be a bit light on trains. There is a healthy supply of train action. The scenery and wildlife are also prevalent.

Canadian railfans will find this release a must have.

Rating: 4 Stars


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