The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroadrgs

Diverging Clear Productions

Length: 45 minutes + 37 minute bonus

Time Period: 2013

Locations: Alamosa to LaVeta Pass.

Source: Kurt Jensen

MSRP: 20.00

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad.

Operates on former Denver and Rio Grande Western standard gauge trackage. San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad owns the line today. Original narrow gauge line was widened in 1899. The RGS was formed in 2006. Our train, is an out and back tourist line. Alamosa to LaVeta. Scenery and steam, with vintage passenger equipment.

sierraThe Rio Grande Scenic Railroad features LS&I #18, built by ALCO in 1910. Number 18 had previously operated on the Grand Canyon Railroad and the Mount Hood Railroad. Number 1744, is an ex: SP 2-6-0 Mogul, that began service in 1901 and was undergoing a rebuild .


18a                                     The Consolidation is the star of the show.

1068                                         Departing Alamosa with a friendly crew.

westLVP  Former Southern Railway and Illinois Central cars are in the consist.                                   The stainless car is lettered New York Central.

Passenger equipment has 1930’s to 1950’s era on the trains. Painted in Illinois Central colors. The two observation cars are former ICRR. The railroad boss is from Paducah, KY. Hence, the Illinois Central influence.

Camera and zoom are a disappointment on main program. Jerks and jumps too often. A regular distraction. Anticipated some bouncing picture on the moving train ride. That was worse than expected. There are some nice shots, you’ll have to sit through the rest.

forbes                                         This program is in a widescreen format.

Audio is live sound and minimal narration. Kurt Jensen does the announcing.  Brief history and a little vintage film open the program. Nice background on the operation and some of the equipment. Basic tourist operation is the main focus.  The microphone picks up freeway traffic and excited passengers on some scenes.

laveta3                                     Number 18 is turned on a wye, at LaVeta.

5                                                   Heading back to Alamosa.

r2                       OK. It is called a bonus. A little too much of this view, and similar.

r3                       Views improve as we gain elevation. Still, it is very rough to watch.

Bonus section is riding the scenic line from Alamosa to LaVeta. Introductory narration. The camera bounces on the uneven track. Makes me dizzy to watch. This runs for a long feeling half hour plus. One ride will be enough.

r1                                 The Illinois Central Mardi Gras is a famous car.

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad is probably best suited as a souvenir.

Amateur type of show. Diverging Clear has better releases in their catalog.

However, if want to visit this line in your home – here you go.

Rating: 2 Stars

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