Marion AC Volume 2

Marion AC Volume 2cover

Clear Block Productions

Length: 110 minutes

Time Period: 1992- 1996

Location: AC Tower. Marion, Ohio and vicinity

Source: Todd Miller

MSRP: 30.00

This volume presents the Marion area in a simulated 24 hour period. Filmed over a four year timespan. The day and night, seem to pass. There is an endless supply of trains. Conrail, Norfolk Southern and CSX are the operating railroads during this time.

cr6201Different format than the first AC Tower show by Clear Block.  Graphics are the predominant source of information.buin crNarrated only at the introduction to the program. Todd Miller gives knowledgeable info here. The bulk of the show is not narrated. Environmental audio. On screen graphics contain detailed train designation and heading. Map references at the introduction only. Too bad there isn’t scanner (radio) talk. That one element would have made this one much better.

ns2744aWhat viewers will experience are endless train runbys. Appearing from assorted viewpoints and varied locations. Majority are directly within site of AC Tower. Conrail and NS are the stars of the show. A handful of additional scenes within the vicinity of Marion.

csx4238                             Nice CSX action, is shot from the old C&O station.

csx6549Many years ago….. Marion was packed with classic signal equipment, such as this.

du                                      Todd gets some fine shots with his video camera.

During the 1990’s railroading was far into standardization. A generally, bland collection of EMD and GE power pulling the usual assortment of large freight cars and little else. Cabooses were gone by now. An occasional special can be found, even Milwaukee 261.

cre8a                                   Conrail business cars rollby with an E8A unit.

ns21AC Tower provides some great views of Norfolk Southern and Conrail traffic.

csx6547CSX is nearly the odd man out in this show. Distant views with a handful of nicer scenes.

cr3335                                       Conrail Extra 3335 passes the old depot.

cr6201xIt is a long night. Some discussion would have been welcome. Trains disappear into the darkness.

cr8161Marion AC Volume 2 is a decent effort by Clear Block. The production is good overall. Would have rated higher with more narrative, or radio traffic for the soundtrack. If you want to know….. AC Tower Volume One is the one to get …. AC Vol.2 is a good add, if you like Vol.1.

After watching this long player, you may realize. The silence of the human voice is deafening.

Rating: 3 Stars

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