Mexican Narrow Gauge

Mexican Narrow Gaugecover

A&R Productions

Length: 1 hour 48 minutes

Time Period: Early 1980’s

Locations: Mexico and Texas

Source: Jim Terrell

MSRP: 30.00

Travel to and through parts of Mexico. Multiple trips were made into Mexico. A specialty release for those who could be interested in this journey on Mexican rails. Standard gauge rails become narrow gauge. Diesels include some unusual narrow gauge engines. Strangest power of all, are the horse drawn railroads, Jim Terrell captured the sights on a handheld video camcorder in the early 1980’s. He also includes an Amtrak ride in Texas.

ga8A bit of an oddball type of train video. Opening scenes of a jet, and plane ride to Cancun, a hint at a different show. The handheld camera gives an amateur feel. Not bad overall, give him credit for filming there. Audio is whatever the camcorder mic recorded. Background sounds are distracting at times. Plenty of views of: stations, people, scenery and structures give a sense of the traveler.

g12An EMD G12 has a G8 on a flatcar to get repaired. Mixed trains dominate narrow gauge operations.

Narration is pretty good. Lack of background on the lines is the major weakness. While most know N de M…… please explain FUS and some other railroad info. Anyone can search it, but the show should have offered the basic information. On the plus side, are locations and locomotive identification.

mapA couple of maps are seen at the beginning of the program. As most viewers are likely unfamiliar with these locations, more map references would be desirable.

acancThe pace of the show is a leisurely one. Looks like the pace of life in the area is slower too.

rsd12The program almost is in two halves. First is the journey on FUS to visit the horse lines. Second half concentrates on N de M on both rail gauges. More rail travel on the latter portion. The pace becomes quicker and we see more former Alco and GE standard gauge locomotives.

hc2Our first destination is to experience various horse drawn lines. While a few scenes would have been sufficient, to resolve curiosity, major screentime is spent on the horse lines. The program quickly falls into chasing and riding this form of rail travel. The wooden flats are used by families to haul themselves and whatever else may be transported by this method. Wild turkeys or cattle can temporarily block the track. This footage is something you will only need to see one time.

woodsSecond half of the show returns to narrow and standard gauge railroading. N de M is featured in different locales. High elevation in mountains and wooded areas add interest.


cabTwo distinct forms of rail service …


Mexican Narrow Gauge is a one of a kind train video. The presentation encompasses more than just runbys and passenger views. Food stands, workers shoveling coal or transloading cargo and more. Those who are interested may enjoy this one. Mainstream viewers will have to decide for themselves. Overall, it wanders along and doesn’t continually hold high interest. Not exactly my cup of tea- maybe it is yours.

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars


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