A Yellowhead Winter

A Yellowhead Wintercvr

Highball Productions

Length: 1 Hour 16 minutes

Time Period: 2005

Locations: Edmunton, Hinton, Jasper

Source: Peter Crook

MSRP: 19.95

Another tour Canada by rail style program from Highball Productions. VIA operates The Canadian on Canadian National rails. A unique viewpoint of a traveler on the famous train.


Edmunton is the departure point as the view from a domeliner will be a regular seat. Other areas, such as the dining car and side window scenery watching add variety. Exteriors include: CN freights, wildlife and a plethora beautiful scenic vistas.

cn frt A PBS style presentation which suits the show very well. First rate cinematography, that will please anyone who sees this program. Audio is a smooth narrative over mellow, new age music. While railfans may miss some diesel roar and airhorns, this is a nice departure from the more common soundtracks. The use of a roadside billboard for a map, though clever, really is the sole letdown.

elk (2)Compact wildlife inclusions such as these elk, bighorn sheep and a bit more.

via canadian yellowhead passAction at Yellowhead Pass. The Yellowhead Highway parallels the mainline for many miles.

Smooth narration conveys an intelligent script. An in depth history of The Canadian, railroad construction and evolution of this passenger service is offered, as we traverse the scenic line. The forming of The Canadian Rocky Mountains is another detailed subject.


The Skeena is another Via passenger train. Both use vintage Budd stainless steel cars.

ababascaCanadian National trains look tiny against towering mountains.

cr                          Spectacular scenic vistas seem to go on for days.

jasper moon                                                           Moon over Jasper.

A Yellowhead Winter transports viewers across part of Western Canada on CN rails. The appealing scenery and see Canada premise, will be good for family viewing. There is a long closing chapter of scenery only. Keep in mind, this is a train centered show, although far from exclusively railroading.

This release has a certain elegant quality with the scenery and presentation. A fine show..

Rating: 4 Stars

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