Pennsy Blues

Pennsy BluesKS 1 jacket

A&R Productions

Length: 1:58

Time Period: 1992

Locations: Altoona, Horseshoe Curve, Gallitizan, Cresson, Enola Yard

Source: Rolly Osmun

MSRP: 30.00

Conrail operating in the heart of the former Pennsylvania Railroad territory. Sounds like a promising show. Instead, this release is a major disappointment.

Amateur shot video footage. Shaky camerawork is omnipresent. Below average composition skills. The framing, lighting and adaptability to getting good shots, are areas for improvement.  Zoomwork is not steady and unsure overall. Obstructions and wet weather are very problematic. All of this, to see mostly SD40 types on cabooseless moves.

Annoying to have to sit through this 2 hour mess. Did I mention the constant shaking camera?

The show is narrated by Mark Osmun. Train sounds  from video camera microphone. Wind bangs on the microphone from time to time. Unintelligible background voices as well.

Script is amateur level. Narrative is extremely basic and boring. Little more than locations are conveyed. Actual train info , such as: “A westbound passes”, state the obvious.

eb1A hallmark of amateur videography. Obstructed scenes. This show has plenty of them.

eb2                                           This is typical for this show. Sequence is at Altoona.

eb                             Same train. At some other locations, insert railfans or backs of heads.

eb4 Altoona is busy. Multiple trains all viewed from this same setup.  Another train from the opposite direction. Maybe fine for a home tape. This on a commercial release?

ar 6361 pushersThis scene of pushers, seems better in this single frame. Camera shake is a constant issue. That is a rusty mailbox at lower right. A full view of the mailbox is just before this shot.

caboosePittsburgh & Lake Erie caboose enroute to a museum. A zoom captures the obstructed view.

cab2Now, in the clear and ripe for a close up, the camcorder pulls back. Note the umbrellas.

Any Conrail fan should seek higher quality programs. There is nothing special here.

Pennsy Blues is a nearly unwatchable, amateur release. Eye strain is what viewers will find.

Rating: 1 Star


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