Union Pacific’s Last Steam Giants

Union Pacific’s Last Steam Giantscvr

WB Video

Length: 21 minutes

Time Period: 1958

Locations: Cheyenne,Grand Island.. more

Source: Dave Gross

MSRP: 24.95

Here is another show that features large Union Pacific steam. The title is similar to and not to be confused with, the superior Union Pacific produced release. This WB Video show was filmed in 1958. Dave Gross was a teenage cameraman. He used 16mm, all color film. The subject has been covered in other programs in detail and high quality. How does this 20 minute release stack up?

3700 classThe show is narrated by Howard Fogg. A noted rail artist, he does adequate work with a simple script. Dubbed train sounds are the other element in the soundtrack.

4017 fChapters are divided by locomotive class. Big Boy 2-8-8-4 contains about one third of screentime. It is nicely done. Nothing that experienced enthusiasts haven’t seen elsewhere. Action at the Cheyenne Roundhouse. Number 4017 is briefly chased with a freight leaving town.

Union Pacific 836Northern 4-8-4 800 class are the next, very short chapter. By 1958, the former passenger power has been reassigned to freight duties. Number 836 departs Grand Island with 105 cars.

up 3708Challenger 4-6-6-4 3700 series. Some shots of 3708. Dave Gross handled his camera well.

up8444UP 8444. What steam show doesn’t include this one? The concern with having this inclusion is obvious. How much time does this take? Is it shown in excursion service? The 8444 is shown in excursion service. It uses approximately one third of the total program time.

up big boy cheyenneWB Video expends over 2/3 of this release on Big Boys and 8444. The narrow focus yields only a handful of locomotives. Compared to the overall marketplace, this one doesn’t compare favorably. It is not a bad show. As a standalone show, it doesn’t give much value. Still, for the Union Pacific fans that want everything, it will do. One viewing for the rest of us.

Union Pacific’s Steam Giants, is a brief 20 minute show. In summary, this short reel release doesn’t contain any unique material. It is non essential.

Rating: 2 Stars


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