The Sydney & Louisburg Railway

The Sydney & Louisburg Railwaycover

A&R Productions

Length: 54 minutes

Time Period: 1950’s or maybe 1960.

Locations: Sydney, Louisburg, Victoria Jct.,       Caledonia, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada

Source: Andy Schools, Lou Suthern

MSRP: 30.00

The Sydney & Louisburg was operating former American built steam locomotives. Constructed to move coal from Cape Breton to a deep water port at Sydney, Nova Scotia. Railroad expansion led to an all weather port at Louisburg. The railraod also had additional feeder lines from various mines in the region. Local Collieries own the trains and lines. FYI- a coal mine and its structures are a colliery.

The S&L rostered 31 steam engines in the 1950’s. Employed over 400 people. Dieselization began in 1960. A single, new 70 ton diesel is seen. Coal availability kept the fires burning late. Last steam was operating there until 1966.

sydney louisburg 89 coalThere are numerous vantage points. All color film. Imagery is very good.

sydney louisburg 89 coal 2

Steam locomotives from United States railroads such as: New York Central, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Chicago & Illinois Midland, Detroit and Toledo Shore Line 86, Cambria & Indiana. They are quite a collection of used locomotives!

sydney and louisburg logo heraldThe show is narrated. Brief background on many of the locomotives. Train sounds are frequently heard. Accurate sound that does bring viewers into the scenes. Operational aspects are discussed. No specifics on years are given.

sydney louisburg 87 chicago illinois midlandNumber 87 is former Chicago & Illinois Midland. Tender still has the red stripe of C&IM.

sydney hopper

The 50 ton hopper cars also appear to be American made.

mapThe map shown is systemwide for the railroad. Canadian National is their interchange connection.

sydney louisburg 106 canadian national S&L 106 is a Mikado that was built for New York Central. This move has a train of Canadian National 50 ton hoppers. There are no CN wet noodle logos in the films.

sydney and louisburg montreal mogul 82 glace bayMogul number 82 at Glace Bay. The vehicles are from the 1950’s in the program.

sydney and louisburg roundhouseThe cinematographers had great access. Cab rides, caboose rides and structures.

sydney and louisburg brownhoist craneA Brownhoist crane performs a flying drop…. with it’s bucket !

The Arcadia Coal Company.

This railroad has a short visit near the end of the show.

arcadia coal 12 060Arcadia Coal 12 and and some others, are seen hauling coal.

sydney louisburg van 10 caboose                                                             S&L van number 10.

Sydney & Louisburg Railway is an engaging look at a coal hauling railroad. A wide array of viewpoints and assorted power keeps up the interest. Does get somewhat repetitive towards the end of S&L. The show does offer plenty of steam action. All of the former American  locomotives do present a unique roster.

This is a worthwhile program to see. A&R has an interesting one here. Everyone should find this an enjoyable Canadian visit. For the most part, it will seem that you never left the United States. A different show for those that have seen everything.

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

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