Vignettes of the Delaware and Hudson Volume 1

Vignettes of the Delaware and Hudson Volume 1cvr

Clear Block Productions

Length: 50 minutes + preview section

Locations: D&H in New York, LVRR Scranton- Allentown PA.

Source: Robert Wilt

MSRP: 29.95

Clear Block has this show of D&H in the 1970’s. Famous rarities, Alco PA and Baldwin Shark diesels are feature parts of this volume. Footage from New York and Pennsylvania. Many Alco locomotives appear. GE U33C and U28B models. Alco C636, RS11, RS3 and RS3m. Robert Wilt is the lone film source.


The all color, 8mm films are showing their age. Quality is fair overall. Rises to good, occasionally. Color balance is in need of correction. This is amateur shot footage. A handheld camera that has camera vibrations, and some annoying shake that should have been edited out. Your eyes will get tired from the sloppiness.

bs2Color balance is the major issue. Little appears color correct.

Train sounds are dubbed into the scenes. Some work great, others don’t match.

gp39 A handful of EMD GP39’s are seen throughout the show. They are also mixed with Alco locomotives. All are in Lightning Stripe livery. Norfolk and Western on pool power. Some Cornell Red Lehigh Valley is present. The LV sets are too distant to discern detail.

Narration is present, but in short supply. The information is interesting. The discussions are at the head end of the chapters. There is no chapter menu. A single map that is unreadable is shown to outline the trackage. Poor execution of the map idea, it does not work.

bsOne of the best shots in Volume 1. The Baldwin Sharks have decent screen time. However, the film condition and amateur cinematography, leaves the viewer a bit underwhelmed.

paFilms consists of a random collection that has been edited into main chapters. Lack of narration or too few graphics, leave the viewer guessing at the exact locations. The most detailed explanation is of ex: Lehigh Valley track, that is between Scranton and Allentown. Another chapter has Systemwide Coverage. Of note, is a shot on subsidiary G&J.

farHe also overindulges in some of  the across the field attempts. .

cabVignettes of the Delaware and Hudson Volume 1. It has the right locomotives and freight cars. Scenic locations. All of this in a lower quality production. Listed as ‘ Digitally Edited ‘. That doesn’t mean digital restoration.

For hardcore fans only. Do check Volume 2, reviewed here.

Rating: 2 Stars

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