Conrail’s Boston & Albany: Through a Trainman’s Eyes

Conrail’s Boston &Albany: Through a Trainman’s Eyescover

A&R Productions

Length: 70 minutes

Time Period: 1990

Locations: Selkirk Yard to Worcester, Mass.

Sources: Gary Gurske , A&R Productions

MSRP: 30.00

Travel on Conrail SEMA on a GE C30-7 locomotive. Trainman Gary Gurske took his camcorder to work. A&R has added some of their own footage. The result is a slightly enhanced journey on a Conrail freight. This review covers the Conrail Boston & Albany trip.

Narration by Ted Dalaku. The narrative adds greatly to this trip. Usually, the best rides are the scenic ones. There isn’t much here in the scenery value. Conversely, a healthy amount of railroad historical elements can be viewed. Trackage and structures are a priority.

The main video camerawork is pretty good, for an amateur source. The colors look fine and the source tapes are in nice shape. Hazy skies weren’t kind to the picture. Towards the end, notice how sunny skies brighten the images. Remember, he shot on VHS tapes.

1aThis appears to be a producer supplied scene. Exteriors keep us from claustrophobia.

connrvrOne of the more interesting points. Connecticut River bridge. Control Points are used instead of mile markers to identify position. The haze washes out some detail.

stateMajority of the time is a basic track view through the front window. State Line Tunnels..

coal                                         Steam era structures can still be found in 1990!

bm2A former Boston & Maine yard is one part of, unused and torn up trackage to see.

holeWe will need to ‘ take the hole ‘ for some oncoming traffic.

barber1The crew detrains at Barbers, Mass. Guilford will now handle this train.

As cab rides go, this one has a solid narrative that makes the show. Model railroaders may find this one to contain inspirational scenes. Abandoned trackage in various forms. Old stations that range from abandoned to converted. Views of industrial and commercial buildings with some that still use the railroad. Circus train too.

The main video source is not up to modern standards. The show is an interesting one.

Rating: 3 Stars

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