Caboose Odyssey

A Northern New England Caboose Odysseycover

A & R Productions

Length: 87 minutes

Time Period: 2007

Locations: Beecher Falls Branch, North Stratford, Berlin, Bethel and more…

Sources: Gary Gurske, John Clement

MSRP: 30.00

An unusual storyline that follows the travels of  Winnipesaukee River #672 in Northern New England. This is a private owner caboose. Gary Gurske follows and rides his caboose. The 672 is a former Maine Central wide vision caboose. It has been customized. Expected this to be a single trip, it does play as an odyssey. Different locales and involved in some tasks.

Travel on trackage of former: B&M, Grand Trunk and Maine Central. The caboose is slated to be used on an inspection tour of New Hampshire Central.

Narration and environmental audio from the video camera provide the soundtrack. The company narration should have included a few dates. At one point he mentions, two months later. There are some short comments from the on scene microphone. Part of the show.


Two videographers have amateur level footage. It plays as a personal memento, that has some pro production elements.  A&R has edited and added narration.


The show wanders, as does the caboose. As expected, the train is often chased. The locomotives change and so does the train. Switching moves as well. There is the variety.

quarSaint Laurence and Atlantic 1766 at the quarry. Ride the caboose, see the GP9 cab.


The trip to a quarry is one of the more interesting assignments. Onboard, behind a brush clearing Jordan spreader is another. The 672 appears to have been spending time on a ballast train. There is some track rehabilitation. That action is on New Hampshire Central. Seems the caboose was leased there.

mapThere are some map references that are somewhat unclear. Combination of what is seen and the narrative is jumbled together quickly.

3Canadian National adds a private owner CP Rail cabin to this train.

cbrvLeased power is everywhere! You can’t tell the train by locomotive or caboose. You’ll know.

rigby                                    Months later, the caboose returns home.

A Northern New England Caboose Odyssey does have a unique premise. It has an amateur feel overall. Camerawork and on site commentary do reinforce this. A&R does elevate this program to a somewhat higher standard. The show is just adequate. Not really one that would be interesting for repeat viewings.

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars


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