The Central Vermont Railway in Steam Volume 2

The Central Vermont Railway in Steam Volume 2cvr

A & R Productions

Length: 58 minutes

Time Period: mid 1950’s

Locations: Palmer sub, Brattleboro, St. Albans…

Sources: Allen B. Pomery Jr., Donald S. Robinson, The Blackhawk Collection

MSRP: 30.00

Central Vermont steam in the 1950’s. The series continues in Volume 2. Focus on Massachusetts and Vermont. The 2-10-4 , 700 class engines were the largest steam in New England. Consolidations are the predominate model seen. Most CVR steam types are included. Grand Trunk Western and Canadian National, have a few appearances.

This program has different film sources, than the first volume. Train sounds are dubbed into the show. Overall, it is a nice improvement over Volume 1.

Ted Daliku is our narrator. A good, basic script with locomotives and locations.

Film quality is better on Volume 2. All color, except the 1940’s cameo shots. Nearly all original 8mm color films. This collection is unrestored footage. Another candidate for digital enhancement. Rates as good overall. Sometimes better and sometimes fair. There are times where the images are dark or washed out. Brief parts with a shaky scene. Nothing like the problematic first volume. Imagery is more consistent in general.

431Central Vermont train 431 gets underway on a frigid, early winter morning.

Main concern with this collection is some of the editing. It could be the fault of a single cameraman. That is, maybe he was conserving film. Numerous times, we see a fine approaching train. It gets closer, closer and wham… cut!  We are deprived the close-up, money shot. The one shot you seek isn’t there. Frequent enough to become annoying. Perhaps the editor’s choice. Best guess is the available footage lacks the prize. All of those quick jumps, have a lack of smoothness. This crops up in the middle of the program.

mapMaps are a great extra to have in a show. A&R even has a few tighter ones.

Train sounds are dubbed into the scenes. Multiple audio tape sources. Not bad for the most part. Noticeable redundancy as the show progresses. Still, it beats the earlier volume by a mile.

train430bh                                       Belcher Hill with two locomotives on the grade.

1Pulling New Haven cars on an excursion. Freight and passenger trains are presented.

5There is a surprising amount of winter footage. Steam looks fantastic in cold temperatures.

707bbCV 707 is a 2-10-4 Santa Fe type. Plenty of action with these large engines.

707rAt the time, the 700’s were New England’s biggest steam engines.

millers rvrVariety of viewpoints keep it interesting. Miller’s River Bridge and a hammering hogger.

472aaTo the rescue. CV472 is in reverse, with a heavy freight. The CN FM diesels are inoperative. Uphill and through the town. Amazing sequence to see!

cabrearThe Central Vermont Railway in Steam Volume 2.  A good collection of mid 1950’s steam action.

Rating: 3 Stars


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