Northeast Steam

Northeast Steamcvr

A&R Productions

Length: 46 minutes

Time Period: 1897- 1950’s

Locations: Philadelphia, Bethlehem Branch, PRSL, Mt. Ararat, Confluence, Bellows Falls,more..

Sources: many

MSRP: 30.00.

A&R Productions has a compelling collection of vintage steam, in the Northeast. There are a handful of featured railroads, from the first half of the twentieth century. Reading, Rutland, Delaware and Hudson, with Baltimore and Ohio, as the major lines. Lehigh Valley, Penn Reading Shore Lines, plus Ulster and Delaware, round out the assortment.

This is largely black and white show. A smattering of color spices things up. Quality improves by the progression of years. The 1897 footage is the earliest and roughest. Overall, the collection appears good . Train sounds are in the program.

bo1952Baltimore and Ohio, circa 1952. The Washingtonian departs Confluence, Pennsylvania.

dhnorthssDelaware & Hudson. A Northern with ‘Elephant Ears’, in Saratoga Springs

Narration by Ted Kalaku. Script has good details throughout the program. No maps, but it is a compilation. The way the scenes jump around, a map isn’t really necessary.

steam engineA Reading Consolidation powered freight, and coal train along the Schuykill River.

crew                                       Check where two of the crewman are riding…

Baldwin pacific locomotive 204The trainshed looms in the background. Baldwin built Pacific, Reading 204 departing.

Reading Lines chapter is a fast paced one, that is packed with trains. All black and white film. Mostly good imagery and ranges down to fair. Some of this footage is ancient. Consolidations, Pacifics and even Mother Hubbards. Cameos of CNJ and LV too.

rutland whippet steam

Rutland has The Whippet, as a highlighted freight ‘name train’. Bellows Falls yard. Ten wheelers and Green Mountain Flyer.

rutland alco rs1 A Rutland RS1 assists the steam engine. Milk train is an unusual sight, in color! In fact, the color footage is found on Rutland.

b&o baldwin sharkB&O 2-8-8-4, articulated steam locomotive, leading an A-B-A set of Baldwin Sharks. There are quite a few different locos and various train types, seen around Confluence, PA

Delaware and Hudson has the big Challengers. See these monsters as they conquer the grade at Ararat!  Additionally, Northerns and Pacific class locomotives are present.

ulster railroad rr 1905Last chapter has a Thomas Edison collection of circa 1900 films. Here, an engine ride on Ulster and Delaware. Camelbacks and Rotary Snowplow, in service on Lehigh Valley are more rare sights!

Experienced viewers will find a mixture, with of a high percentage of rarities It is a worthwhile variety, with the running theme of Northeastern railroads.

Northeast Steam is a fascinating compilation of antique footage. Mainly in black and white, the show has plenty of action. The production plays well. An enjoyable look into the past.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars


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