The Lehigh and New England Railroad Volume 2

The Lehigh and New England Railroad Volume 2 LNEV2

John Pechulis Media

Format: DVD

Length: 66 minutes

Time Period: 1954- 1961

Locations: Bath, Martin’s Creek, Dexter, Nazareth,Goshen, Pen Argyl, Maybrook ,more

Sources: Randoph Kulp (collection), Arthur Angstadt (collection), Charlie and Ken Bealer

MSRP: 30.00

This second volume continues The Lehigh & New England railroad. Filmed between 1954 and 1961, this show was filmed in 8mm. John Pechulis has made the most of the format. Besides the scarcity of any LNE films, these are specially processed for maximum appearance. Volume One was impressive. Continuance of the story, is on tap here…

northampton bathNorthampton & Bath is the first railroad viewed at Bath. An early Baldwin- Westinghouse diesel is a strange sight. LNE and DL&W also work in Bath. The mills are busy!


The Lehigh and New England had a two color livery based on the railroads largest commodities. Black for coal and white for cement. Anthracite coal collapsed and left LNE with Portland cement as the main revenue. Downsizing of the railroad was to focus on the cement plants. History of the cement industry begins the story. Those operations are the main feature, in this second volume from John Pechulis.


The secondary element contains bridge and connecting traffic, such as the Maybrook Turn. Alco FA locomotives work these jobs.

mapMaps like this are frequently referenced. Viewers can visualize say,  Tadmoor to Martin’s Creek. Kudos for the many inclusions. Still, no chapter menu or next function. A menu is an expected standard from most producers on current releases. They are convenient to have.  John Pechulis gives detailed narration on the locations that are highlighted.

mctMike Bednar is the main narrator. This shot, follows the Dexter map introduction. He describes the train, location and operation being performed. Insightful and concisely descriptive, Mike knows these trains!

dexterDexter had enough cement business for LNE and Lackawanna! Early Erie Lackawanna is identified by renumbered units. All the cement mills were served by 2 or 3 railroads.


June 20, 1960. A fine sequence at Dexter Tower. Various LNE and Lackawanna trains cross the diamonds. Each train is explained fully. Martin’s Creek turnarounds on LNE. Lackawanna has one heading to Bath.


Alcophiles will love this action oriented production. Audio matches the high quality of this release. Alco diesels, and environmental sounds play really fine!

2Action at Dexter.

917Delaware, Lackawanna & Western interchange. Check the LNE in the background.


There are more diverse views in the later parts of the program. Additional connecting lines are included. Interchange is critical for bridge traffic. Face it, this road was in the middle of nowhere, for the most part. Maybrook was in decline at this early 1960’s point. Emphasis on the interchanges is highlighted. Above is a cool view of just one.

s5Susquehanna provides a nice change of pace. Alco RS-1 and S-2 locomotives in fairly long lash-ups. A number of trains by Suzie-Q are shown.

Maybrook in October, 1956 is a highlight! New Haven, NYO&W, Reading Trainmasters, and New Haven Lima switchers are all shown. A fantrip traveled to Pen Argyl yard behind New Haven PA engines.

1961The year 1961 was the end of the line for Lehigh & New England Railroad. This wreck with a shoefly through the middle is an absolute must see!


cab3The visuals are truly excellent in quality. The initial show had a larger version of  LNE to portray. Connecting the other railroads, with a smaller LNE adds interest. Smartly done!

One shortcoming, and on Volume 1. Lack of chapter menu, or chapter function. Could be as basic four parts. Cement: Parts 1, 2, 3. Maybrook: Part 4. Having to fast forward the entire program to view Maybrook is very inconvenient. This does not compare with other producers. Let it slide on the first volume, but minus a 1/2 star here.

The Lehigh & New England Railroad Volume 2 is an excellent program. Alcophiles and Eastern fans will adore the show. Vintage railfans and model railroaders should enjoy this rarity. This release is jam packed with classic scenes.

Volume Two is a worthy sequel in the series. Works as a standalone. Enjoy them both!

Rating: 4 1/2  Stars

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