Western Maryland “End Of An Era”

Western Maryland “End Of An Era”

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD

Length: 70 minutes

Time Period: mid 1970’s

Locations: Cumberland, Connelsville, Elkins, Somerset, Bayard, Helmstetter’s Curve, Ohio Pyle..

Source: Emery Gulash

MSRP: 24.95

Green Frog states: Here is mountain railroading in the east at its best. Considering standouts as: Pennsylvania, B&O and Norfolk & Western. That is a bold claim. Can the Western Maryland be the best?

The renowned combination of Emery Gulash and Green Frog is great. Exclusive 16mm all color film is a key element. So are the production abilities of Green Frog…

The Frog brings us synced sound. Period correct Electromotive of LaGrange built diesel locomotives. The 567 series engines sound fantastic!

Early in Chessie System merger. Majority of equipment appears in original liveries.

Narration is pretty basic and slightly weak. Good locations, somewhat informative operations, and too relaxed. This is not a usual Green Frog narrator. Older release that (naturally) doesn’t have the modern extra features. There is a map in the middle of the show. A remote control operated chapter search, no menu.             Norfolk & Western has a surprising presence of engines and cabooses.

Emery had a definitive ability regarding scene composition. Many times, the valleys and cuts in the terrain offer tight quarters for the cameraman. He turns a possible disadvantage into delightful close-up views.

Legendary as a railroad cinematographer. Emery has some subtle humor. Note the scene. Two fisherman are oblivious to the classic F7’s on a freight . They are missing a B&O F7 in the lashup!

In 3 days, Emery shot in: Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The weather turns gloomy in the middle of the show. Many of the second day shots are in inclement weather- not twilight. There are some long chases through the mountains.

This scene illustrates this show in a single frame. Emery’s Suburban, fellow railfans and plenty of Western Maryland in the Appalachians.

Undulating terrain also provides nice overviews of the railroad.

Classic F7 locomotives are as ubiquitous on Western Maryland, as they once were across much of the country. This feature alone, is worth the price of admission.

Helpers Galore!

Western Maryland “End Of An Era”. This a vintage showcase for Emery Gulash. An interesting array of, first and second generation locomotives. Scenic Appalachian Mountains. Some dismal weather on one day. A solid audio track of EMD power.

It is a top level, eastern mountain program.  A great addition to anyone’s collection.

Rating: 4 1/2  Stars

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