Northeast Vintage Diesels

Northeast Vintage Diesels

Green Frog Productions

Length: 34 minutes

Time Period: Late 1950’s- 1960’s

Locations: Conneaut, South Plainfield, Bear Mountain, Erie, Pocono Summit, Lakeport…

Source: Bill McClellan

MSRP: 24.95

Classic railroad action from the late 1950’s, into the mid 1960’s. Ohio and the Northeast are the covered states. Many eastern railroads are included within this show. This fast paced tour is jam packed and makes the most of a rather short length. Cab rides and a wide array of trains ramp up the adrenaline.

Bill McClellan filmed this all color collection in gorgeous 16mm. Dolby Digital sound on a fine sounding audio track. Natural sounds are combined with a smooth narrative. The dubbed train sounds are a good choice. Narration has an on/off option. An older release, there are no maps or chapter menu.

There are the big class ones, New York Central, Pennsylvania, and Erie Lackawanna shown. This review will focus the majority of screenshots, from other Northeast railroads.

Bill McClellen was accompanied by his boys on some outings. They do grow as the years pass. The beginning is centered at Conneaut, Ohio. Although mainly freight trains, there are passenger moves, interspersed throughout the program. Electrics on Pennsylvania and Budd RDC cars are also in cameo shots.

This shot tells of the Norfolk & Western merger. Wabash is represented on the right with a cylindrical covered hopper. Nickle Plate has the caboose. So take your pick. Cannonball Service or High Speed Service? N&W chose to take both.

This cab ride contains the former structures intact at Conneaut, Ohio. A later ride shows some buildings here, being demolished. Retired Berkshires are lined up on a previous visit to Conneaut Yard.

Erie Lackawanna and it’s predecessor paint schemes are here. Assorted  Geeps and solid F units in multiple unit lash-ups. Overhead and ground level views.

Bessemer & Lake Erie with some Alco RSD-12 units on the lead of a coal drag.

                                         Jersey Central has an extended segment.

                                         Lehigh Valley has good coverage as well.

                                            Central Vermont was a surprise!

Erie Lackawanna Maintenance of Way. The large crew has much equipment at work. The cameraman gets unbelievable close-up views. Film within the film. Fascinating.

Boston & Maine EMD SW1. One of the best looking liveries, on a switcher!

Too many choices of great screens to showcase. There are the vintage cabooses on most of the featured railroads. A mixture of distant and closer viewpoints.

The Northeastern caboose type is prominent. There are additional styles too.

                            Lehigh Valley had this pair crossing a tall bridge/ trestle.

Lakeport, New Hampshire provides a bucolic setting for this Boston & Maine freight.

Northeast Vintage Diesels is an excellent show! The running time is rather short. What is seen, really packs in high quality viewing. Anyone with an interest in classic trains will find this an enjoyable program.

Rating: 4 Stars

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