The Golden Twilight of Postwar Steam: Part 3

The Golden Twilight of Postwar Steam: Part 3 

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD

Length: 52 minutes

Time Period: 1940’s- 1950’s

Locations: USA (see text)

Source: Gene Miller

MSRP: 34.95 for the single version. 59.95 for the 7 Pak.

This show is available individually or as part of this 7 disc special package deal. The review is the DVD from the 7 Pak set. These DVD’s do have artwork. They are packaged in a sturdy plastic case.

Cajon to Horseshoe: Trains Across Mid-America and the West

The third of a trilogy from Green Frog. Gene Miller has an amazing collection of 16 mm films. He shot the footage from the 1940’s into the 1950’s. Plenty of it in color! The Gene Miller films rival, and complement the later cinematographer, Emery Gulash.

This show is fast paced! Narration is detailed, and delivered quickly. There is a plethora of steam and early diesel locomotives. Locations can jump too. Focus by railroad or location.


There are some rarities to be found. The usual engines too. The early diesels are as fascinating as the steam. Everything is all high quality. Digital mastering has most of the footage looking great. A few pinkish hues. Almost all of the shots are excellent.


Chicago is where the volume begins. Various railroads and locations are visited. Santa Fe, Milwaukee Road, Rock Island, Burlington Route, New York Central and Nickel Plate Road!

Rock Island with a homemade transfer caboose. Note the rooftop bench and convenient ladder. See a rare Rock Island Electromotive TA with side skirts

Burlington Route action. An S-4 class, CB&Q Hudson with a passenger train. Steam, diesel and Zephyrs. The Q gets some nice coverage!

Englewood has New York Central, J3 Hudson 5430 with a centipede tender. Also, at Englewood, Nickel Plate has Alco PA diesels and steam.

The show then features a St. Louis Kaleidoscope.

Missouri Pacific 2112 has perfect lighting to view this locomotive. There is a variety of good looking MoPac power around St. Louis shown.

Wabash Cannonball at.Granite City and St. Louis. This seems to be the rare train.

2132ic     At the roundhouse, Paducah, KY. Illinois Central at varied locations. Paducah, KY. is a main locale. Chicago is next. This is a long way from the later ICRR. Plenty to see.

9000cheyUnion Pacific. The massive 4-12-2 class 9000’s stand tall! They predate the Challengers. Many more UP engines are seen. Big Boys and Challengers included. Denver and Cheyenne visited. Long and satisfying chapter. Predominantly black and white films. All excellent!

Santa Fe. Baldwin 1940 built with 3780 in California. Ride on the rear vestibule over Raton Pass. Long chapter of Santa Fe. Most of the action at Chicago.

         Yes. Gene Miller is the cameraman who filmed this well known sequence!

Cajon Pass is next viewed. Santa Fe steam and diesel power. Doubleheaders and helpers used on the grades. Helpers return caboose.


Southern Pacific cab forwards receive much attention. There are more types shown.

Pennsylvania Railroad. Horseshoe Curve with steam. The steam engines parade on the curve. Some very distant shots and close views that give a good feel of the location.

This program has some compelling viewing. One never knows what is going to be shown next. The wide array of: railroads, locomotives and locations keep the show hopping!

Detailed descriptions keep viewers apprised of the action. The sound of the trains is good. Narration does dominate the proceedings, and works well. Good entertainment for the whole family. This trilogy, gives an excellent overview of the 1940’s to 1950’s era.

Rating: 5 Stars

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