Steam on the Santa Fe in Illinois

Steam on the Santa Fe in Illinois

John Szwajkart

Format: DVD-R

Length: 75 minutes

Time Period: 1992 + 1998 (261)

Locations: Topeka to Chicago, and more.

Sources: John Steenwyk, John Szwajkart

MSRP: 25.00

Steam on the Santa Fe has the concept of viewing a couple of employee specials. Santa Fe 3751 is one of the steamers featured. Milwaukee Road 261 is the half of the equation. Each locomotive has it’s own part within the show.

A no frills train video from John Szwajkart. No narration, maps or extras. John doesn’t use a tripod, expect shaky camerawork. The 2nd cameraman will have to be seen..

The initial steam excursion will run from Topeka to Chicago. There is an overnight stay. Heavy rains are going to be present. A sunny day is supposed to follow.

The first portion has a steady camera. Shot on a consumer grade, VHS camera.

A busy night sequence at Fort Madison. Not pretty footage. After the overnight stay, there is the shaky camerawork. Unshielded microphone picks up wind noise, and everything else!

A couple of pace attempts that don’t work. Why is this being shown?

Another bad chase sequence. The wind just beats on the microphone.

At Chillicothe to Streator, there is rain. Sloppy conditions = sloppy results. The rain continues as the special travels towards Chicago. Not his fault for the rain, but there are other clear weather 3751 shows, available in the marketplace. Why spend time watching it rain, and view a beaten down smoke plume?

                         Another jarring camera pace attempt?     How does this add to the story?

At Chicago, the following day, clear weather follows. There are some Warbonnets on a freight. 3751 is seen, and the windy breeze hits the microphone pretty hard.

Hey, this excursion is a mess, overall. Bad weather, bad wind noise, and when the 3751 appears, a shaky camera. Unedited audio includes more unneeded noise. Lack of good video editing, adds to the uncomfortable atmosphere of this special. Next……….

Part 2 has Milwaukee Road 261 operating on the Santa Fe.

This screen is the same as found in the third part of Santa Fe in Illinois. Can’t justify spending time posting screenshots, for what plays like, a set of home movies.

Ding. ding, ding by the crossing. We hear the ringing bells. 261 in reverse, on the rear!

At Steator, ding, ding, ding. here comes the train. At least 261 is leading. Freights are interspersed within the show. The scene above, also appears in Santa Fe in Illinois Part 3.

As both locomotives are readily available in higher quality, I don’t see the point of this show.

It’s not rare, or a joy to watch. The trackage may be the only reason for the show.

Rating: 1 Star


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