B&O Collection

B&O Collection

John Szwajkart

Format: DVD

Length: 64 minutes + short bonus

Time Period: 1955- 1957

Locations: Willard, Deshler, Fostoria, Cincinnatti, Ohio

Source: John Szwajkart

Vintage 8’s Series

MSRP: 25.00

Vintage 8’s continues with B&O Collection. Filmed in 8mm and mostly color film. This show is a steam based one. These are amateur shot reels and presented on DVD. No narration or any other extras. It is a silent movie and the only sound is a movie projector.

          A doubleheaded steam engine produces a huge amount of smoke on this train.

The presentation is divided into 5 main chapters. The timeline has 5 separate trips to the towns in Ohio. The main attraction is classic Baltimore and Ohio steam power. Nickel Plate Road and New York Central are also in this collection.

Willard, OH. in 1955. Major division point on Chicago to Baltimore mainline. This early assortment is rough from an image quality rating. Color balance and shaky camera.

                                      Nice head of steam.

Slipping drivers are giving the engineer a hard time to move this train.

             Sand is applied to the rails and the freight begins to move .

After servicing the engine, a careful engineer looks back, before easing the train forward.

                          As B&O 5561 passes, the crew observes the cameraman!

                      The steam powered Cincinnatian had a streamlined consist.

B&O 2848 with a local freight at Deshler in 1956. Quality is about the same as 1955.

At Cochran in 1957. A pair of EMD F-3A units with a B&O steam engine on a freight.

                                     Fostoria has plenty of doubleheader freights.

                                     The locomotives put up a big head of steam.

Diesels are making inroads on the steam. Fostoria, 1957. Notice the image, much of this later film looks like this,  as far the colors being off balance. Many of these scenes are good candidates for restoration. They are not up to modern standards.

                        Some scenes have freight cars to view, on a passing train.

                                        Dillsboro has some pusher action.

Nickel Plate Road #755, a Berkshire! There are additional NKP shots of steam and diesel.

                Agreeable to see these classic bay window cabooses on Nickel Plate trains.

                         Baltimore and Ohio caboose. A proper ending for this show.

B&O Collection does offer many classic steam locomotives. The film quality is the trouble with this release. While some scenes look pretty good, the majority haven’t aged well. Color balance is a big issue. Some edits are abrupt, and lead to jarring transitions. There is quite a bit of camera shakiness. Sometimes, the shaking just ruins the scene. In comparison, the IC Collection has higher overall quality. B&O is rough to watch.

Although this B&O show has the right trains, it doesn’t compare well to most other vintage productions. Not essential for most people. Hardcore fans of B&O, may want it anyway.

Rating: 2  Stars

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