Louisville & Nashville #152: 100 Years and Still Going

Louisville & Nashville #152: 100 Years and Still Going

Diverging Clear Productions

Format: DVD

Length: 65 minutes

Time Period: October 2005

Location: Kentucky Railway Museum

Source: J.S. McPherson

MSRP: 20.00

L&N #152 is featured in 100th birthday. The 1905 Rogers built locomotive was originally a mainline passenger engine. The railroad had installed some upgrades, including a superheater. Classic in all respects, this engine is a beauty!

Diverging Clear Productions shows the locomotive with a passenger train at the Kentucky Railway Museum. Hauling vintage passenger cars, the train goes out to Boston, KY. and returns to the museum. AS the 152 moves through the yard area, other museum equipment fills the side tracks. An ex: Santa Fe CF7 couples onto the rear of the consist.

There are 3 different viewpoints for the run. A camera behind the engineer, in the cab. A camera on top of the coal tender. A ground level viewpoint. Everything looks good at the beginning. The first two cameras do not come off well and detract quite a bit from the trip. The ground level camera is the best one in this show. This camera suffers from some issues, where the image is too dark.

Narration is effective and minimal. Train sounds dominate this show. No chapter menu or map. Twelve chapters are accessible with the next button.

A chunk of time is spent watching the locomotive get warm.

                                          At New Haven, KY., the 152 departs.

The boiler and cab design are not conducive to a modern film. The engineer’s seat is located alongside the boiler. This prevents any good side view as seen in most other steam engines. The jump seat behind the engineer would have been better, but it’s occupied. We just see the back of two guy’s heads for too much of the time.

Things aren’t much better topside. That viewpoint is of the exhaust stack. Both are limited and restricted viewpoints.

The cab ride is one of the monotonous ones. Straight ahead and little to see or hear. Just the locomotive sounds. That audio is excellent, of course. The visuals are just weak. The cab footage is useless. The tender shows; Through the fields and through the woods. Both display the backs of people’s heads. Some of this should have been edited out, to maintain interest.

                                         Arrival at Boston eventually comes.

The 152 runs around and couples onto the other end. The steamer runs in reverse, pulling the cars, back to origin. This section plays out better.

             The heavily wooded terrain does not provide good, unobstructed train views.

As in some other various train videos, sometimes less is more. A stronger overall presentation would result from a shorter show. This one feels like filler. Recommend the DCP show- Mallet In The Mountains: Black Hills Central 2-6-6-2T #110, instead. They have an excellent tourist steam show in that release. See the review.

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars


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