The Santa Fe In Chicago (Slideshow)

The Santa Fe In Chicago (Slideshow)

John Szwajkart

Format: DVD

Length: 1 hour 37 minutes

Time Period: 1950’s- 1980’s

Locations: Chicago, McCook, Willow Springs, Joliet and more

Sources: John Szwajkart, John Darling-b+w

MSRP: 25.00 or 2 for 40.00

This is a slideshow presented on a single DVD. The Santa Fe is the featured railroad. Many other railroads appear within this show. Time period is highly desired 1950’s to 1980’s. The 1960’s and 1970’s receive prominent coverage. Arranged in a geographic fashion. Locations are highlighted and trains that appear in assorted years follow.

Some special sections highlight Dearborn Station for example. Some maps denote areas that are to be viewed. The maps are a little tricky to decipher, better suited to a large screen. No narration. On screen graphics contain most of the information.

The show is about 85 to 90% color. The black and white shots are generally good. Many color pictures are of excellent quality. Composition and color balance look great on the vast majority of photos. The sound of a vintage slide projector is the soundtrack. Hey, these slideshows will grow on you.

OK. Let us see what this show is all about.

The trip begins at 21st Street in Chicago. Pennsylvania, Monon and GM&O are seen. Santa Fe will be seen in larger numbers later. This chapter is black and white

The show will follow the line out to Joliet. A multitude of other Chicago area trains keep the slideshow surprising. The color slides really look good.

See how the years bounce around? Locations are the dominant theme of organization.

                   The classic warbonnet trains are plentiful. The one you want.

Action at Corwith Yard. A ride on Archer Avenue almost guaranteed seeing Santa Fe.

How do you spell rare? Alco alligator RSD-15 at Corwith. Railfans will be happy with the rarities. You will have to see the rest…

Willow Springs was a great location. Sadly, the classic station is boarded up in this 1978 view.

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio had The Plug serving Chicago to Joliet. Stopped at Willow Springs on a parallel line (GM&O), though a bit distant from ATSF trackage there. The Plug, ran without heat many times. Those daily commuters knew to bundle up in the winter.

Joliet provides a plethora of trains. Rock Island, GM&O and ICG as well.

                        Amazing! Cat whisker FT’s on freight. The other one you want.

          GP 20 and GP30 locos, in yellow pinstripes, were fairly recent power in 1967.

What’s wrong here? Passenger F7 units demoted to freight service. Amtrak.. Bah!

John prefers steam. This 2 fer shot includes all those US Mail trucks and trailers. Much of the mail used to move on the rails.

                         Dearborn Station At Night. Fantastic shots to be found at Dearborn.

                               A  bonus with Alco PA’s. The one you wanted the most!

This show has over 280 slides. It was tough to narrow down to a select handful. Some other railroads seen: C&WI, CNW, B&O, C&O, Chessie, New York Central, L&N, C&EI, Norfolk and Western, Grand Trunk, Canadian National, Burlington Northern,Belt Railway, Erie Lackawanna, Penn Central, and more.

This presentation captures the feel of Chicago area railroading, as it was. Chicagoans have a tendency to model nearly everything. This slideshow demonstrates why that is.

       We need a caboose for the end. One more thing about Chicago, it is too cold.

The Santa Fe In Chicago as SS7 from John Szwajkart. This is must see for Santa Fe.  fans. Just about any railfan should like this show.

Rating: 4 Stars

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