The Wisconsin Central Remembered: Parts 5 and 6

The Wisconsin Central Remembered: Parts 5 and 6

John Szwajkart

Format: 2 DVD set

Length: Over 2 1/2 hours

Time Period: 2001-2003

Locations: Allenton, Neenah, Stevens Point, more..

Source: John Szwajkart

The Wisconsin Central Remembered Series is also available as a complete set.

Here are volumes 5 and 6, in this 7 part series on Wisconsin Central. Presented in chronological order, we see late pre-merger action in Part 5. Following, is a year later in Part 6. WC is in a transitional state, as seen in this set. John traveled beyond WC, and there are even more trains of interest for us.

This continues in the ‘no extras’ style of JS train videos. It is strictly the video, natural sound and some on-screen area/ date graphics. The DVD jacket has more information. These shows would be enhanced with knowledgeable commentary. Appears to have been many changes in progress at this time. Discussions on locations, operation and the wide assortment of diesels from the various roads. Specific information on the gravel trains, and that great looking circus train would add much more.

As each part has it’s focus, we will review each disc individually.

Part 5 The Transition Era (73 minutes)

Begins in 2001, before the CN merger took place.

               WC 3022 is a GP40. This is a former Western Pacific locomotive.

      This scene is from a busy segment. Two short trains are holding in the siding.

            Here is an unusual gravel train. An SD45 is the power. The cars seem to be ex:CN.

           Note the former CN ‘wet noodle’ painted over herald on the gravel car.

The photography is clear, with accurate color balance. The usual JS Video quibble of some camera shake. The live audio sounds great.

       The predominately CN led trains are seen at LaGrange, Illinois on IHB.

        John is very capable with his zoom. A quick pan of this train at speed!

                              The mixed liveries do illustrate the progression of the merger.

                              Part 6 The Search for the Remnants, after the takeover.

Opens with a Circus World  in train in reverse! This is a Wisconsin and Southern move.

The super colorful train is chased. WS 2055 leads this special in Wisconsin. It is a lengthy consist with much vintage circus equipment, from the Circus World Museum at Baraboo. A unique and fun train to see!

A Soo Line and CP Rail pair, also pass the camera. Amtrak as well. Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, a patched RF&P , Conrail and CP Rail are among the foreign road engines.

A WC pulls coal hoppers is viewed near Byron. Norfolk Southern 9556 a C40-9W, waits patiently in a siding for the highball. NS is also hauling coal cars. The action really picks up with more WC freights. The 9556 is chased for a bit.

Stevens Point is another WC location. CN 2668 a C44-9W, heads a double stack. On the return trip, some pulpwood cars are in a train. Canadian National led trains show a much stronger presence.

Oshkosh to Green Bay is another chapter. It is a Canadian National dominated show now.

Neenah still has some Wisconsin Central painted power. Illinois Central units are seen throughout this volume.

These WC Parts 5 and 6 are some of the best entries in this Wisconsin Central Remembered series. Film quality is very consistent on both programs. A steady tripod would have rated the shows higher. This is a  bare bones presentation. This set  does deliver a multitude of trains. The program is geared for hardcore railfans. People will enjoy all of the various trains. Overall, this is a good show, and it is an action packed set.

Rating: 3 Stars

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