The Wisconsin Central Remembered: Part 7

The Wisconsin Central Remembered: Part 7

John Szwajkart

Format: DVD

Length: 1 hour 13 minutes

Time Period: 2003

Locations: Neenah, Byron, Kaukauna, Chicagoland

Source: John Szwajkart

The Wisconsin Central Remembered Series. Also available as a complete set of 7 DVD’s.

This final installment looks at the WC after the absorption into Canadian National. The locations are in Wisconsin and Illinois.

This program is setup the same as the previous 6 parts of the series. Eleven available ‘hidden chapters’, use the ‘next’ button on your remote. A basic, no frills railfan video. See the other shows for details.

The show disc has a real world title… The Search for WC Remnants…. Now becomes difficult. Begins in April, 2003 at Neenah, Wisconsin.

Canadian National is the dominant road throughout much of this show. There is still a Wisconsin Central presence to be found in Part 7 . It will take some hunting and a bit of luck to get the WC shots. At first, it looks likes a CN show.

            At Neenah, there are still various WC units in operation with WC colors.

    By now, solid sets of WC are much less visible. You’ll see more solid CN lash-ups.

This takes getting used to seeing. Illinois Central power is frequenting the WC/CN operations!

Yet, there still are instances where it appears to be Wisconsin Central.

By the way, these shows included plenty of long looks at the train consist.

Canadian National is now- ever present, even on the local freight trains.

                  Often, we get a mixed bag of roadnames on the head-end.

                                   Even late in the timeline, some WC can be found.

                            CN is well entrenched, and seen in the LaGrange vicinity.

Like Illinois Central becoming some initials in Canadian National livery, the WC has it’s fate.

Looking back, there is a large amount of variety in Part 7. A wide array of locomotives. Numerous models and roadnames. Plenty of variations on the CN units too.

This is a good entry, and fitting finale for The Wisconsin Central Remembered series. Considering the major inroads by CN in Part 7, the other volumes have more WC. If you want some shows packed with WC, check volumes 3-6. See the reviews on ATVR.

As far as a stand alone program, this one is worthwhile. Keep in mind, it is at least half CN. Railfans will find this similar to the rest of the series. A good show.

Rating: 3 Stars

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