Erie Lackawanna Volume 3 + Memories of Erie Diesels

Erie Lackawanna Volume 3 + Memories of Erie Diesels

Mark 1 Video

Format: DVD-R

Length: 60 minutes

Time Period: 1950’s- 1970’s

Locations: Scranton Division (EL), New York City to Starrucca Viaduct (Erie), New York- New Jersey Branch (Erie)

Sources: John Briggs, Phil Imbro, Tom Nemeth, Joseph Zook

Producer: Marc S. Balkin

MSRP: 34.95

Here is another EL combination DVD, from Mark 1 Video. Erie Lackawanna with a third volume of coverage. Erie Diesels contains mostly the old pre-merger railroad, with some Erie Lackawanna. The basic main menu lists Erie Diesels first, that is our starting point.

Memories of Erie Diesels. The first half is the line from New York City ferryboats to Starrucca Viaduct. There are shots of a busy, 1950’s era New York Harbor. The Erie terminal is serviced by Alco switchers. Passenger service is handled by Alco and EMD locomotives. Erie had a large variety of passenger cars. The equipment dates back to at least the 1920’s.

A paper route map outlines the lines to be traveled. On-screen graphics will convey other location information. Many Erie station signs are viewed, to mark the locations, as we traverse the railway, in order. The bonus here, are numerous shots of the train stations. Some of those areas are panned by the cameraman. Puts the station in context.

See an iron swing bridge operate.

The next part of the program features travel on an Erie branch. Commuter trains are the action, with a few freight trains. More Erie Lackawanna is present on this branchline.

This show is mostly passenger trains. Diesels included are: Alco PA, RS2/3, EMD E8, EMD GP7/9 and passenger geeps with torpedo tanks on the roof.

Paint schemes run from black/ yellow, two tone grayish green and later EL.

Limited freight train action in this show. It does have a rare LNE boxcar in one train. A caboose on every freight. The black and yellow GP7 types and RS3’s are sharp looking.

Although much of the show looks good, there are a portion of these ‘fair quality’ scenes.

Film quality is generally in the good range. Some rather grainy and fair looking 8mm. Some scenes need color balance. Considering that a majority was done in the 1950’s, at least this is watchable material. It is all color footage.

The soundtrack is highly detailed. At Passaic, the downtown has auto traffic and city sounds. Birds chirp in another scene. The main audio contains the environmental natural train sounds. Very well done, and adds to the presentation. No narration.

Memories of Erie Lackawanna Volume 3

A Scranton Division Scrapbook

This is the meat and potatoes of this combo. Begins with a Mainline Tour. Orange to Tunkhannok Viaduct. The familiar paper route map outlines the tour. This show will have many locations. On screen graphics do a fine job of listing the locations.

Film quality is better on this show. It is mostly very good and cleaner looking overall. Some scenes are in the good range, though grainy.

The audio has increased volume. It is clearer. Bigger diesels equal louder engines. These locomotives do roar in Run 8, pulling heavy coal or long freight trains, in the mountains. The 1960’s to 1970’s time period did have newer recording media. Locations are listed with on-screen graphics. No narration. Maps are improved on this volume.

Erie Lackawanna puts on a fantastic show of first and second generation diesel power. EMD has many models in service. Big SD45, and SDP45 ae frequent. Older GP7/ 9 types are all over the place. F7 A/B units are seen on locals, coal trains and helper service. Looks like EL was using whatever was available for pushers.

Switchers as NW2 and SW7 in use. Alco S2 units as well.

Alco has the strong C424 and C425 Centuries leading freights and coal drags. An S2 in switching moves.

General Electric has U36C class on the point of many freights, along with U25B types.

Passenger trains are the realm of the venerable E8. EL matched passenger consists are the main ones here. Nickle Plate Road Berkshire # 759 is briefly featured on a 1970 passenger excursion.Reading 4-8-4 # 2102 masquerades as Delaware and Hudson #302 on a 1973 fantrip. The graphics also list the chase from Scranton to Delaware Water Gap. Short sequence.

Diesels return with a few train chases to closeout the show.

A mixed bag of : F7, C425 And SDP45 locomotives are the helper set here’

Erie Lackawanna Volume 3, is a fast paced, action packed program. A wealth of freight trains are the main focus. This is a fun and satisfying show. Sourced from 8mm, with great sound. It is a worthy addition for Erie Lackawanna fans.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars


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