Northeast Steam 3 + Delaware & Hudson

Northeast Steam 3 + Delaware & Hudson

Mark 1 Video                                                       

Format: DVD

Length: 60 minutes

Time Period: 1939-1970’s

Locations: Binghamton, Oneonta, Carbondale, Starrucca, Baltimore, York, Ararat, Mechanicville, Lanesboro,

Sources: Many

Producer: Marc S. Balkin

MSRP: 34.95

Mark 1 Video has combined 2 shows that contain 75% Delaware and Hudson Railroad.

The Delaware and Hudson show is mainly 1960’s to early 1970’s film assortment package. Northeast Steam 3 contains a variety of rare steam era films. Both are on a single DVD-R  . A bit of a mixed bag of amateur shot films. Definitely worth a look…..

The NE3 steam show has a fantastic array of, hard to find D&H steam trains in color!

Mark 1 Video brings its usual production for archive films. No narration. A few paper route map screens. Locations and a rare date are displayed via on-screen graphics. Minimal and partially effective method. The basic chapter menu is its usual outdated appearing screen. This was a common format on older train videos.

The audio is the production area where Mark 1 fairs well. They pay much attention to the synced soundtrack. The environmental train sounds enhance the viewing experience.

Delaware & Hudson

Delaware and Hudson showcases  the Lightning Stripe era D&H. There is a brief segment that highlights some old D&H steam action, in fair black and white, plus good color film. This gets the show going, but it is not the main focus here. Overall, a varied collection of amateur shot films. Some camera shake and such are here. Quality varies as well.

Into the diesel era with some classic D&H Alcos. This show is an Alco lovers dream. RS3, RS11 and behemoth C-628’s run in trios. The original cameraman really captured the huge Centuries at work. You will notice that a few specific C628 led trains are chased. These engines, in service, are worth the price of admission.

Many RS3 types are viewed in yards and on road trains. There was obvious access to a tower and yard property. Handheld 8mm film, with all the usual flaws.

Stunning, bicentennial D&H power on a passenger train chase. There is much to see in this program. It is a big grab bag of vintage D&H. There are a few old black RS3’s that seem to be from earlier years.

Northeast Steam 3

So, Northeast Steam begins with some spectacular 16mm all color film!  D&H articulated Challenger type 4-6-6-4, steam engines are viewed in a series of vignettes.

The Carbondale- Starrucca line. Pushers are seen, doubleheaders and sometimes in threes, as they shove hard on coal and freight trains. This big steam feature is the  highlight of this show. No years are provided, there are some location graphics. Starrucca Viaduct is included in this high quality film. Runs for a brief ten minutes. Amazing footage!

Maryland and Pennsylvania. 2-8-0 locomotives are the main power. A 1940 fantrip is around the Baltimore area. Another travels to York, PA. Film quality and camerawork, is just fair at best. A severely jarring camera, which makes the majority of this entry as a questionable one to have included. Runs for about ten minutes.

Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain Railroad is the third and final chapter. This one is very obscure. Location reads as, Huntingdon, PA. A 1940 fantrip is quite a journey. The Consolidation #37, is hand-turned, on an armstrong turntable. Fair quality.

NE3 film quality ranges from fair to excellent. The color 16mm is the excellent portion.

The 2 volumes really compliment one another. It plays like a D&H show, with the steam of the other lines as bonus footage. The rarity of those films may add to the show.

Northeast Steam 3 + Delaware & Hudson. Tighter editing would have made a stronger presentation. The collection is original condition films. Not perfect, has some gems.

Delaware and Hudson fans will love this program.

Rating: 3 Stars


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