Steam Previews from Greg Scholl Video Productions

Steam Previews from Greg Scholl Video Productions

Greg Scholl Video Productions

Format: DVD

Length: 1 hour 11 minutes

Time Periods: Vintage to Contemporary

Sources: Too many to list.

MSRP: 19.95

Greg Scholl has 65 of his titles in a short preview format. There is a DVD menu. Chapters list the subject matter by category. This is a handy to have feature.

Chapter list contains: Vintage Film Era, Eastern Contemporary, Western Contemporary, Foreign, Military+WW2. A Play All button is at the head of the menu. Narrow Gauge and  Logging trains are included within the listed categories. A large selection of various railroads in the USA, Canada and beyond are seen here. The World War 2 selections also look good.

These are the same style and the same previews as are included on Greg Scholl DVD’s. They are brief and give the viewer a good idea of what is contained on the selected show.

The shows cover many different years of Greg Scholl. He has been in business since the 1980’s. This being the case, volume levels do vary. This is so noted on the introduction.

Narration outlines the contents of the program. He also has some original source information, such as; film types and cinematographers.  The narrative is custom made for the previews. You do get direct samples of a shows film. Some of the sounds of the show are  heard. It can be natural audio, music track or both. The programs that I have seen are all quality productions. Viewers can look at a show, hear the commentary, and decide if they need the show.

Personally, I prefer both previews and written reviews, of train videos. The previews are extremely helpful to see the appearance of a given show. They are brief at 30 to 60 seconds overall.

The menu is a nice reference tool. Being a vintage type of railfan first, that makes the process of finding the shows a snap! Just click that chapter and let it play.

This is a great method for organizing a want list.

These are some titles and railroads that caught my attention. Union Pacific Steam Classics, Canadian National vintage series with 1957,1958 and 1959. Duluth Missabe and Iron Range. Colorado & Southern, Burlington Route, Pere Marquette 1225. A fine selection of 1950’s era Norfolk and Western. There are many more interesting subjects.

Preview shows are not feature productions. This particular DVD does offer dozens of GSVP shows. It is very well constructed and is fun to watch by itself. The main problem is that you will end up needing even more of the fine GSVP programs.

I have made a checklist for Greg Scholl steam shows . Perhaps, these will appear sometime, here on ATVR. By the way, have you made your list?

Steam Previews provides a good representation of many steam programs within the vast Greg Scholl catalog.

Rating: 4 Stars

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